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That the Intaki who supported Caldari independence from the Federation were first exiled from the Federation, and then attacked by Caldari radicals demanding the expulsion of all foreigners? For more, read here.

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Author Topic: Double IGS Post Removal  (Read 349 times)

Arnulf Ogunkoya

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Re: Double IGS Post Removal
« Reply #30 on: 06 Jan 2018, 04:10 »

While we are on the topic of CCP interactions.

Nauplius, how would you react OOC to the imperial authorities finally taking notice of your unorthodox religious views and booting you out of the militia &/or nuking your Imperial standings? Would you be cool with that?

I don't think CCP really does this kind of thing, though.

No, they don't (at the moment). But how would you react if they did?

For example. When the Sansha Incursions where getting started a player ranted at & interfered with a CONCORD officer who was on the field organising the response to one. They had their standings nuked as a result. That was rolled back eventually but the player was cool with it when it happened on the grounds that actions should have consequences.
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Re: Double IGS Post Removal
« Reply #31 on: 06 Jan 2018, 04:30 »

Lysus also got himself declared an enemy of the Empire and had his standings nuked to -8.

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Re: Double IGS Post Removal
« Reply #32 on: 08 Jan 2018, 18:36 »

CCP does go after roleplayers for IC stuff, but it is rare. That Lysus thing for one, and then there was this thing:

But those were basicly being more or less directly involved with a CCP storyline.
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