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Author Topic: Your character...  (Read 3996 times)

Silver Night

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Your character...
« on: 16 Apr 2010, 17:18 » important to all of us. Really!

That's why it should have it's own thread. That's a place to put stuff like a physical description, maybe a bit of background.

Most helpfully, you should clearly mark things that would be public knowledge or evident to someone who sees them (your character's haircolor, height, maybe age?). That way, when someone runs into your character in-game, they can check here and see what the person their character is looking at looks like.

If there are things you want to share, but that wouldn't be available IC, please, mark that too. It is probably best not to put up anything *too* secret though.  :)

Do you have stories about your character and the things they've done? Put them in the Fiction section, but please, link them here in your character's thread!

I've made an example of my own character here: Silver Night

This'll give you a handy place to discuss ideas about how your character might develop with everyone else.

Other threads having to do with characters and character development are fine in this section too!
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