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Author Topic: Hello-lo-lo. Seeking Input.  (Read 291 times)


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Hello-lo-lo. Seeking Input.
« on: 26 Aug 2017, 08:15 »

Hello, Backstage!

I'll try, and probably fail, to be brief. The list below might function as a TL;DR.

I've played EVE on and off for years, but mostly by playing actively for a month, then going to skill queue maintenance for a few months, and then letting the sub drop. Over the last few iterations of this, I've stuck my toes tentatively into the RP pond of EVE. They're strange waters, compared to other online RP avenues.

Everything seems very quiet (perhaps a product of my EU timezone?), and when someone does chat (Usually in The Summit) it can most often be boiled down to small-talk. Hello. How are you. How about that weather, eh? And so on. Lurk-reading these forums makes it seem as if there is more stuff going on, but I never see it. Not helped by never really engaging in the above-mentioned small-talk. I am a bit intimidated by all the lore and chronicles I haven't read, and I don't want to accidentally base my character on something that doesn't make sense.

I'm about to do another of my ventures into EVE, in the hope that it'll be longer-lasting this time, and that's why I'm posting here. I'd really appreciate some pointers/tips.

1) I understand that the prevailing vision is that it's not really possible for a capsuleer (alpha or omega) to be a slave. Still, the concept appeals to me because it carries with it an automatic, even if not always sympathetic, RP-link to someone. It seems to me a good driver of conflict, and thus, story. Would it not be possible to perhaps have family or other targets/things held at (real or metaphorical) gunpoint to force a capsuleer into compliance? Or are they, as a group, far-removed from such earthly concerns?

2) Pretty simple, I guess, but... decent, recruiting RP corps that aren't a ghost town during EU times? :) Given the above, I suppose it'd make sense for them to be Amarr, but not necessarily.

3) Coming back to EVE on a fresh, as-yet unmade character, so any suggestions are welcome! I suppose what I'm primarily looking for are concepts (character and story) that tie heavily into some form of more or less guaranteed interaction, since that seems to be what's hard to find in EVE. The interaction.

Thanks for your time.

Ché Biko

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Re: Hello-lo-lo. Seeking Input.
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug 2017, 09:35 »

Hello and welcome back...stage.

1) Capsuleers being a bit like sovereign nations makes it hard to have absolute control over them, but I think those that say it is not possible to make a slave out of a capsuleer (or make a slave a capsuleer) may lack a bit of creativity. There's a whole Nation of True Slaves, and I'm pretty sure some of those are capsuleers.

2) I would look to SFRIM, but maybe also see what Sansha loyalists are up to these days.

3) That said, just joining an active RP corp may get you interaction, whether you are a slave or not. Also, maybe consider being a relative to someone, as opposed to a slave. But we're a small community, spread over a lot of corporations. Guaranteed interaction is hard to find, as far a I'm aware. The best way to get interaction, is to start interacting yourself.


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Re: Hello-lo-lo. Seeking Input.
« Reply #2 on: 13 Dec 2017, 07:03 »

I think Che has it about right but I would also add that there are many ways to be a slave. it is possible to be enslaved by an advantage that someone has over you, or for your family member to be held captive and thus for another to essentially 'enslave' you. If you are looking simply to place your character at a predisposed disadvantage form which to derive moving RP, then there are even more options. Someone could have massive gambling debts that you are trying to pay off, your character could be addicted to a drug and thus enslaved to it and your dealers.

If its more of a kinky kind of enslavement then there are many options for that too. No judgment, but I know that there are a lot of ERP branches on that tree though finding them can be tricky by the embarrassment that some may feel in admitting participation.

As for EU timezone, one option you have is to be part of a group which has RP options via Slack or Discord. In this way, bored US tz workers can RP via text with EU tz folks. We've had some success with this in ALXVP though not a lot as interest in RP ebbs and flows. Usually folks are just waiting for a good story hook.

Not sure if we are what you are looking for, ALVP eschews any of the more traditional forms of slavery within our system, but you are free to check us out and ask any questions you like:
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