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That Black Nova Corporation (BNC) and others still retain some offices in the Jovian Empire when it was opened during EVE's starter years?

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Author Topic: Pregnancy Hits for Wrecking Damage  (Read 328 times)

Silas Vitalia

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Re: Pregnancy Hits for Wrecking Damage
« Reply #15 on: 12 Aug 2017, 15:48 »

Twin Silas Spawn in EVE? The horror...


Lol :

Unrelated to EVE though, or perhaps due to it, I have thought of so many wonderful schemes/scams that a pair of trained identical twins can pull off. Mwahahaha

Mitara Newelle

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Re: Pregnancy Hits for Wrecking Damage
« Reply #16 on: 08 Nov 2017, 13:02 »

Somehow I missed this  :eek:

Congrats, Silas!!!  I hope it is all going well for you and yours!
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