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Author Topic: ISD looking for Player Stories - Old Outposts  (Read 105 times)

Samira Kernher

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ISD looking for Player Stories - Old Outposts
« on: 01 Aug 2017, 12:08 »

Quote from: ISD Starweaver
Greetings, wonderful capsuleers of New Eden! I bring you a request from the New Eden Correspondants, the writing and lore-attending branch of the ISD volunteers1 (we are recruiting!). As you probably know, soon all the outposts in the game will be retired1, as the ongoing Citadel rollover proceeds. While we are as happy as you to see the new gameplay (and easier lives) brought forward by the Citadels, this means that all the “conquerable stations” structures in nullsec space are going to be retired as well, and substituted by new and shiny Citadels. However, we couldn’t possibly mark the end of those special 68 stations without a proper goodbye. Therefore, we now need you, our brave players, to help us tell the stories of those conquerable stations. We are trying to reconstruct the important events surrounding them. Tell us of the great battles fought around them, of the times when conquering one of them proved a turning point in a war, or doomed a long established alliance to relocate elsewhere. Tell us all you can about them and their systems, their owners in history, and their part in your capsuleer glory. With your help, we will see that those great moments are never forgotten.

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