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Author Topic: [LFC] Gallentean Player (Alpha State Clone) looking to join the bandwagon.  (Read 114 times)


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Hey there everyone, returning player here, roughly still a newbie to EVE overall, know a few things but barely experienced anything compared to others. EVE roleplay being arguably the hardest to get into (unless I've been most likely looking in the wrong place).

Started around in 2015 and played for little over a year. Would very much like to find a cozy active bunch with some Gallente/Intaki orientations in terms of story and entourage.

Had a look at who's who around here but have close to no idea who's still active and where might I best fit in.

That being said, queue suggestions and questions.


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Hi Noraim,

Well, we don't have much connection to Intaki or Gallente specifically, but we are generally active. Feel free to check us out, read the lore, or ask any questions!
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What's your Origin Story?


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If Intaki oriented lore/RP piques your interest, then the Intaki Liberation Front may be of interest.

If you're curious, take a look at our website and feel free to send me a mail ingame (Bataav) and we can catch up.