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Author Topic: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?  (Read 331 times)

Jason Galente

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Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« on: 12 Jun 2017, 05:52 »

As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of Jungian psychology. I'm only just starting to get into it with Man And His Symbols, a great read by the way. Anyway, I was glancing at the Twelve Common Archetypes and thought they matched EVE characters pretty well!

So, which type are you? It's common for elements of multiple archetypes to be found in a well-written character (or a balanced person!) but the focus is on each archetype being oriented around a set of priorities, it's not necessarily a black and white designation, more a matter of priorities.

I'll start:

10. The Sage
Motto: The truth will set you free
Core desire: to find the truth.
Goal: to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world.
Biggest fear: being duped, misled—or ignorance.
Strategy: seeking out information and knowledge; self-reflection and understanding thought processes.
Weakness: can study details forever and never act.
Talent: wisdom, intelligence.

The Sage is also known as: The expert, scholar, detective, advisor, thinker, philosopher, academic, researcher, thinker, planner, professional, mentor, teacher, contemplative.

Since people brought up shadows, Jason's shadow is probably either the Jester or the Orphan, these are both aspects of his character that can expose him to weakness or otherwise cause him trouble, and they're both aspects of his character that he suppresses, projects, or fails to acknowledge in various ways. Jester traits can often cause him to sabotage his own interests and antagonize people needlessly and sometimes even tactlessly. Orphan traits can create some sense of insecurity in certain situations as well as inexperience with functional human relationships, an emotional closedness to most people, and a hatred for his position as a capsuleer and the distance from regular human lifestyles this creates. However, they have some positives too, Jester's being a quick wit and Orphan's being a down to earth nature.
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Ché Biko

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jun 2017, 07:46 »

It was not easy to pick one, but I think this is Ché's dominant one:

The Lover
Motto: You're the only one
Core desire: intimacy and experience
Goal: being in a relationship with the people, work and surroundings they love
Greatest fear: being alone, a wallflower, unwanted, unloved
Strategy: to become more and more physically and emotionally attractive
Weakness: outward-directed desire to please others at risk of losing own identity
Talent: passion, gratitude, appreciation, and commitment
The Lover is also known as: The partner, friend, intimate, enthusiast, sensualist, spouse, team-builder.

Julianni Avala

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jun 2017, 08:34 »

Definitely wasn't an easy one to pick. Goodness.

Priority would be:

4. The Caregiver
Motto: Love your neighbour as yourself
Core desire: to protect and care for others
Goal: to help others
Greatest fear: selfishness and ingratitude
Strategy: doing things for others
Weakness: martyrdom and being exploited
Talent: compassion, generosity
The Caregiver is also known as: The saint, altruist, parent, helper, supporter.

Close match would also be The Lover, or The Innocent
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Utari Onzo

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #3 on: 12 Jun 2017, 09:30 »

The Ruler, attempting to control everything in his life and have that family of his own...

...And failing miserably along the way.
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Jev North

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #4 on: 12 Jun 2017, 09:45 »

Couldn't give you a straightforward archetype breakdown, but Jev's currently explicitly meant to be struggling with her Jungian shadow, and it's been a complete ball.
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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #5 on: 12 Jun 2017, 10:12 »

For Veik, I'd say Explorer, Jester and Magician are probably the traits she expresses most.

However, she's written as at core the infomorph manifestation of another person's shadow so that's what I try to reflect most. That's what I find interesting in her, as a character.

It's fun because she's not a fully integrated personality -- she combines an almost instinctual or infantile pursuit of sensate possibilities with a mind that has absolutely no restrictions to the degree she'll seek to intuit another person out and try to mindfuck them for whatever reason she may have at the time.

Then again, I don't know, a lot of the Jungian stuff came out of that early 20th century imperative to try and neatly categorize so it sometimes feels a bit pop culture to me -- like astrology.
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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #6 on: 12 Jun 2017, 10:54 »

Archetypes are tricky...

I'd say the Magician is her persona, and the Rebel is her shadow. The others are present in varying but lesser levels of prominence.
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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #7 on: 20 Jun 2017, 22:56 »

For all Jung's clarity, he was awfully simple with these.

I guess the closest for Meb is a fallen Rebel crossed with a twisted apathetic Jester.

She still fights against the/all order, but crime and narcissism has corrupted her, encouraging her to fight against anything but the reasons can be anything from greed to cruelty. She'll gladly shoot anything for the sake of shooting anything. She doesn't even fight for honour as she burned that before she decided to burn everything else.

Her jesting can have a whimsical moment, but it doesn't exist to lighten the mood or bring joy. A lot of the time she's poking fun at the existence of things simply for the matter of it. If she manages to make herself smile, she considers that an achievement, but secretly she's circling a pit and she's luring others in.

She even ruled at one point and revelled in it, but grew bored of the idea of commanding power. Not even leading fleets of warships held her attention for long.

I guess it's nice to have a framework to build a character on, but Meb started out growing through many of these as she developed and then bending them to her will.

Jung should have created a Meb - tho this is impossible: I didn't even manage.

Samira Kernher

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #8 on: 21 Jun 2017, 00:41 »

Probably Caregiver for Samira.

Sakura Nihil

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #9 on: 21 Jun 2017, 07:32 »

I'd say Sakura and Ereka are both Hero(ine)s, while Akusa is a Sage.  Ami's an Explorer, while Eri is hard to nail down - likely a Ruler?

Sakura Nihil

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Re: Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Character?
« Reply #10 on: 21 Jun 2017, 18:51 »

Right then - now that I'm home, and can type at length...

Sakura (Heroine) - In many ways, she sees the world as her sandbox.  Given enough willpower, time, effort, and luck, she can mold at least part of it to her will.  One trait she has (that's common among pretty much her whole family) is a drive for perfection, with the realization that while it's impossible, it's a worthy struggle as it hones her skills and abilities to a high-level.  Thus the hours upon hours of slaving over ship fits, tactics, physical exertion, and so on.  Her pride and strenuous efforts to be honorable and keep her word are both disadvantages in this cutthroat world, as is her personal quest for glory and fame.

Akusa (Sage) - One could call her "the intellectual".  She's quiet, thinks deeply about things, tends to keep her mouth shut when she's not sure about something, and beat herself up severely when she fails.  Perfectionist at heart, like many other Nihil family members, she is reluctant to try things when she's not sure what she's doing, and is in many ways inclined to study a problem to death instead of leaping in headfirst and going for it.

Ereka (Heroine) - Probably the most ideologically driven of the bunch, she is passionate about her cause (in many ways, she's the primary driver behind the corp, not Sak, a radical change compared to past history).  She takes training and developing her skills seriously, but is also under much more pressure than Sakura is, given her personal combat inexperience.  In addition to trying to prove that her idea for a corp can exist, she's also trying to prove she's up to the task... that stress in many ways is only mellowed by her interactions with other characters, and a (probably excessive) enjoyment of alcohol.  A socialite at heart, really.

Eri (Ruler) - She is a tough cookie to figure out.  The best way I can picture Eri is as a take-no-prisoners lawyer, a shark who shows no mercy to her opponents, and views herself as better than most others she interacts with.  Oftentimes, she comes off as a bitch, and even to those she's more comfortable with, she always has this edge to her.  In many ways, she's insecure, and can be loud and authoritarian to anyone she deems "beneath her".  As her player... uh, I hope she lightens up over the course of time like Ami did?  We'll see if that happens...

Ami (Explorer) - She's probably the least gung-ho in the family about capsuleerdom, and in general she's always been alone.  Whether as the last child out of the nest, being the baby of the family she is, or the youngest in the pod and generally left to her own devices, she's had to keep herself entertained.  If this thread would have come up a year or two ago, I'd say she'd have been a rebel, but as more time's passed she's mellowed out, and has begun to appreciate and explore the cluster around her.  She's still in many ways solitary, but she's at least amicable these days.