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Did you know:

that the Minmatar military specifically recruits hardened criminals for service in its elite Valklear units, and that many of the Republic's most senior officers were originally recruited in this way?

Author Topic: Narrator Posting  (Read 86 times)

The Narrator

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Narrator Posting
« on: 22 Mar 2017, 04:00 »

As with Korsavius' Rentable NPCs Project and Tress' Volunteer GMs Thread, this account is available to message for the following services to anyone here:

  • Anonymous Storyline/Event Postings- Find yourself wanting to write about an event or possibly a chronicle that you don't want others knowing who wrote it? Or maybe you're seeking to place something together and take your group by surprise.
  • Event Writeup- Did you have an event that you would like written up from a story perspective? It can be difficult to compose, but it's certainly not impossible.

While there are only two things offered for now, there may be more in the future. If you have interest in any of these, please feel free to send a message with what you're looking to have done. As a disclaimer, anything composed will of course be ran through you first to ensure everything is to your liking.