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Author Topic: Hello and some questions, if I may  (Read 897 times)


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Re: Hello and some questions, if I may
« Reply #15 on: 06 May 2017, 04:03 »

Just for further information and so everyone can reference this, I feel that I have made some restrictive and mildly dumb choices in my early days with EvE and this character (i.e. from a RP development point of view). All part of the learning curve, but I have decided to start over again since it's early days.

Much of the background I developed has been adapted or moulded in light of this short experience, and so I have gone with a new character name. I didn't want anyone who has helped and advised me to feel deceived, so just noting it here before I delete this account and start up the new one in Character Development.

My new character is called Kumakatok, and I hope I will continue to have your wisdom and kind thoughts.
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