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That the Intaki who supported Caldari independence from the Federation were first exiled from the Federation, and then attacked by Caldari radicals demanding the expulsion of all foreigners? For more, read here.

Author Topic: Propaganda Posters? I'll make 'em.  (Read 140 times)


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Propaganda Posters? I'll make 'em.
« on: 02 Jan 2017, 18:23 »

I've been seeing a lot of posters fly around [a lot of them are absolutely hilarious] and knowing my own skills with photo manipulation software, I thought it'd be fun to do it for anyone who is looking to do so.

Alex Hinkelmann

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Re: Propaganda Posters? I'll make 'em.
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 2017, 17:06 »

I-RED is always looking for Advertisement & Marketing designers. We'll pay of course for your time and work.

I'll try to get in contact with you in game.