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Author Topic: State of Minmatar RP  (Read 451 times)

Nmaro Makari

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Re: State of Minmatar RP
« Reply #15 on: 22 Jan 2017, 21:15 »

Hello I'm the ghost of Nemo and somehow more cynical than I ever was alive.

Busy with not stalking the community, I came across this thread and it did make me think a little today.

In two words, it's dead.

In more words, it was dying even back in 2014 when I was playing (seriously). Why it is now dead, I can explain quite (ha) concisely, and it's important to state beforehand that none of this is laced with blame. Especially regarding one point.

1) Evaporation of pillar corps and alliances. Gutting the community's poster appeal and recruiting power.
2) Retirement of key characters. (It's okay. I'd weep for losing me too). One name in particular is relevant here, but will remain unsaid out of respect for the character and the player
3) Lack of access to key lore and PF (a la CCP), and abandonment of immersive setting. Links to 1 and 2. I believe, possibly wrongly, that to RP an Amarr or Matari well, you need a zest for the source material, beyond just the sanitised intro in char creation. I can mention numerous items, death of the wiki, death of (believable) Dev actors, and also the structure provided by experienced players and corps and informal groups, and more, that means this is now an obscure and drawn out task for a newcomer to Minnie RP. The frame is not there, and if it was there's few older siblings to teach us how to climb it.

But as threads here and old and new names out there evidence, while it may have died, another may live. Maybe. Circle of life and all that.

But who cares, I'm just a cynical ghost.
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