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Author Topic: Rogue One [SPOILERS - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]  (Read 170 times)


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« on: 21 Dec 2016, 14:16 »

No, really, if you haven't seen it yet and plan to do so, don't read this thread. People will probably discuss major plot points, and this movie definitely has them.

THIS is the movie I wanted the prequels to be. It was the best homage to the original films and the WW2 flicks that formed part of Lucas' inspiration, although less "Battle of Midway" and more "Guns of Navarone". The emotional notes were much fuller and more satisfying, rather than cloying and saccharine. Watching with my kids (7, 10, and 12), I felt transported back just like I did watching ESB and RotJ (I wasn't old enough to remember ANH when we saw it in theaters). In its own way, I liked it more than "Force Awakens" because it focused more on the stuff I really liked about the original movies: less Jedi per se, more Rebels and spies and of course pilots and droids.

Of course, this prequel isn't set up for more sequels, at least not directly. It leads directly into ANH anyway. But this gives me hope that the other "prequels" coming in the next few years(e.g. the Han Solo movies) will be just as solid.