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Author Topic: Kickstarting Caldari RP....or how we remade the Heiian College channel  (Read 317 times)

Ember Vykos

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So stated I decided to try to remake the Heiian College channel since it is a bit out of date and my knowledge doesn't play anymore.

The channel will be called Heiian Institute, and is currently open.
We'll call this a soft opening while we try to get more mods than myself and John Revenent.
Any interested parties please let one of us know here or in game.
Official IC post on IGS soon to follow.

Also working on recreating the Heiian Society and a few other things as well.
Same thing with interested parties in any of that goodness :D

Yes I do suck at posting...but hope this gets the point across.

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Current active RP character(s) - Kairelle
Past RP characters - Ember Vykos, Simca Develon

John Revenent

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Join up! Get involved!

No more complaining that Caldari RP is dead, lets do something about it! Yeah! More exclamation marks!!!!!!11!1

Morwen Lagann

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I shall wibble on over tomorrow!
Lagging Behind

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Silver Night

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I joined!  :yar:


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I enjoy exclamation marks also!

(join the channel, for the glory of the State!)
I exist sometimes.

Miyoshi Akachi

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I joined the channel too  :D

Jev North

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Endorsing this product and/or service, with minimal sarcasm.
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Sweet, I will jump in right now. I get a bit lonely in Heiian College channel all on my own.

Demion Samenel

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Very nice to see :)

Sadly got alot of irl work and might not be as active I want to be.

And yes Dex dont play anymore, only spoked with him of FB on occasions.


The Rook

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Good initiative

Lithium Flower

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  • I very speak engrish a bit, thank you!

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