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Author Topic: I want to report myself.  (Read 51 times)


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I want to report myself.
« on: 18 Feb 2017, 01:35 »

So, here, I said this, very recently:

Actually, so far, although I expected to regret voting for Trump, i regret nothing.

You, undoubtedly, now regard me as a racist.

So, here is what i have to say: since voting for Trump, I have been able to afford food again.

in America.


And this was...wrong.

I had a temper tantrum, a while back (8 years now? Maybe?), in which I disagreed with how my disagreement was handled. Well, in this case, that does not apply. I was wrong.

Look, I agree with Trump on some things. Let's just say that I have a personal disagreement due to personal experiences.

But I am not one of the excuse-givers. I fucked up. I got mad.

Yes, since Trump and some of his policies have come into being, I and my family have been better off. I haven't had to skip meals.

But that's not an excuse. Some oppression is necessary, some is mandatory, even, and there's no reason I should not take the brunt.

Silver Night, I fucked up by having an unpopular opinion and expressing it horribly, and you shouldn't punish the majority of anti-Trumpers here because I expressed it badly. The locking of that thread is ENTIRELY my fault, I apologize, and nothing should stand in the way of your guy's disagreement.

I'm sorry for being an ass. It's just hard, sometimes, when you are hungry. And I know that that's not an excuse. So, I do, sincerely, apologize. And please unlock the thread and delete my comment - I won't comment there again.
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Re: I want to report myself.
« Reply #1 on: 18 Feb 2017, 01:50 »

in fact, I do feel really badly about this.

Yes, i've spoken in conservative fashion before.

Because, it seemed to help me and the poor Hispanic, Black, and Asian dudes I employed.

But I don't think i should have told Aria to go fuck himself.

It's just hard. It's hard because, sometimes, to not take assistance, and to not borrow, I've had to choose to starve, and i did. In the terms of 40-50 lbs lost. But i still shouldn't have insulted him. I shouldn't have gone to that level.

I'm sorry, guys, I'm better than this. I'm ending my stories and participation here. i fucked up, and got mad because this affected me and my family. I cannot let that happen and be independent. I have to live by principle. So I'm out. This is entirely my fault, the fault of my passions, and I apologize.

I'm deleting my account, and, on my name, I will not post here again.