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Author Topic: Damaged Goods  (Read 1116 times)

Laria Raven

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Damaged Goods
« on: 04 May 2016, 04:27 »

For sale: One slightly used Gallente with a dubious reputation. Offered because of corporation asset divestment situation.

Moderately competent pilot. Capabilities include:
1) Usually managing to target the enemy
2) Only occasionally lighting a cyno rather than activating the cloak
3) Increasing demand for Thorax-class T1 cruisers
4) Undocking with EITHER Ammo OR Drones.
5) More mining skills than you'd expect.

Not as funny as she thinks she is.

More helpfully: I've got back after an unscheduled break to discover that Stillwater is really dead (rather than nearly dead), and I'm looking for a direction to move in. I'd like to think that I'm less trouble than Laria is, and she's not that much trouble, overall. Honestly.

I'm happy to bend RP in a useful direction (one of the advantages to an impulsive and self-delusional character), but obviously there are limits to that, and at this moment I don't really mind what I do in game (happy to keep shooting people, or to try something new), though I'll have to fix Laria's security status at some point.

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2016, 10:39 »

If you want to keep with the pirate RP, I can direct you towards Anshar Incorporated (Serpentis) who have just revived under Milo Caman. I think you've met quite a few of the members in London once or twice.

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Alain Colcer

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #2 on: 04 May 2016, 12:43 »

Coreli seems to be recruiting, they are in Mercenary Coaliting, and are light-RP serpentis aligned.

Morwen Lagann

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #3 on: 04 May 2016, 16:04 »

If you're looking to do active small-gang PVP in nullsec, you can also take a look at either Kala's alliance (Feign Disorder) or the main corp in my alliance (Stimulus, of Rote Kapelle). No RP necessary, though there's a few RPers among our ranks.

Not sure of the TZ for Kala's group, but Rote is primarily USTZ.
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Milo Caman

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #4 on: 04 May 2016, 16:41 »

Not sure of the TZ for Kala's group, but Rote is primarily USTZ.

Mostly EU!

And yeah, I was totally going to toot my own horn, but ANSH are open for business again. We did indeed meet briefly in London, and you seemed cool so would be more than happy to take you in for Thorax-related stuff or something.


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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #5 on: 05 May 2016, 08:56 »

Met you at Veto last year, enjoyed our chats and reckon you'd have fun in ANSH.

AWEX- is working alongside ANSH to provide low/null pvp and market/industry content. Always looking for people who like to play with a bit of narrative in both our corporations. Out of the two corporations, ANSH is the stronger option for ne'erdowells of a more outspoken nature!

Good luck wherever you go, but I hope to see you in our alliance channel in the near future.

The Rook

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #6 on: 05 May 2016, 15:42 »

I remember chatting with you in London, so here's my completely unbiased recommendation: As I know the crowd I can recommend them. :p

Saede Riordan

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Re: Damaged Goods
« Reply #7 on: 06 May 2016, 23:05 »

ALXVP is recruiting and Saede is herself an ex-angel. We do spooky wormhole stuff.
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