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Author Topic: Pakhshi Part 2  (Read 3075 times)

Utari Onzo

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Re: Pakhshi Part 2
« Reply #30 on: 22 Jul 2016, 09:57 »

Can confirm I have not got the time, energy, motivation or desire to run it again. Most of it got sucked out managing conclave for provi, getting myself RSI from my job and a host of other things. Sorry guys vOv
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Re: Pakhshi Part 2
« Reply #31 on: 22 Jul 2016, 10:33 »

No probs homeskizzlez. Hosting events/projects like these can really take a toll on you, I can relate. In the meantime though, looking forward to continuing to develop the Syndicate Stability Initiative II™ when I get back home from my study abroad. :)
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Morwen Lagann

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Re: Pakhshi Part 2
« Reply #32 on: 22 Jul 2016, 10:57 »

Nothing wrong with shelving it for a while.

The cluster will continue being a grimdark poopyhead on its own and we'll just have more to discuss when we do get around to it again. ;)
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