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Author Topic: Really? We're shutting down discussion on this topic now?  (Read 979 times)


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That's pretty fucking low, guys, and it's not doing you any favors. None of these posts broke rules or had come to any kind of conclusion, nor was the discussion finished. I don't like taking certain terms in use, because of how overused they tend to be, but this is actual fuckin' censorship and pretty much goes flat against everything this place was supposed to be about.

You're shooting yourselves in the fucking foot here.


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The topic is closed.  Re-opening the topic with the posting of new threads is thinning the ice.

Shitlord comes back with new accounts on spoofed IPs to evade a p-ban and shit up the board twice, making personal attacks toward one of our mods in so doing.

Said mod verbally dickpunches said shitlord in the process of re-banning the new accounts.

User makes reports about mod's verbal dickpunch to deserving shitlord.

Nothing to see here.

Topic.  Closed.

Administrator Comment This post constitutes a Warning.

This is a forum on steroids tbh. The rate at which content worth reading is being generated could get you pregnant.

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I've had the luxury of working like 80 hours a week the last few weeks (I actually had a 3 day period where my Eve subscription lapsed, which hasn't happened since the Bush presidency) and so I think I'm coming into this with fairly fresh, if slightly bloodshot, eyes. I apologize for the breach in etiquette in responding in a locked thread where others can't then respond in kind, but as far as I can tell - indelicate language aside - this was all handled in the correct way, and the explanations seem consistent with the forum rules. I don't have an issue with locking a mod discussion thread after there isn't more to be said, and of course locking a repost of a locked thread is in the rules as well.