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Author Topic: New Forum Immersion Tools & Tricks  (Read 236 times)


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New Forum Immersion Tools & Tricks
« on: 08 Jul 2017, 23:18 »

This will be pretty short, since only a handful of players (if any) will find this useful. If readers discover or develop their own pointers for preserving some semblance of immersion on the new forums and wish to share, I would be happy to edit them into the top post.

So, Discourse is an interesting platform, and certainly deserves merit as advancing the means of discussion online. However, EVE, and its vocal community, comes with a great deal of toxicity baked in. Married with the unique capacity for the playerbase's so-called "weaponized autists" to game mechanical systems, there is no doubt in my mind that Discourse is quite possibly the worst option CCP could have selected. But there is no going back, and the glaring limitations of this platform preclude me from participating directly through it.

However, the RP will not stop, and many important and entertaining developments are sure to unfold on the official IGS. Thus, in the manner I have up until this point, I will continue to consume and digest the events set into motion via capsuleer forum warrioring, all through the eyes of my character. In order to do that, I am having to make a few adjustments.

Using Stylish, I have broken into making brief style adjustments for the new forum domain, so that I am able to curate the content that appears in a manner alike to the EVEGate forums. Below are a small collection of style edits that might be useful. I should note that I've only really tested this in chromium-based browsers, and I don't think I can do anything about mobile browsing.

Block User: We'll get this out of the way first. No waiting for the community to deal with every trollpost using Discourse non-moderation. Simply fire and forget.

Code: [Select]
[data-user-id="*"] {
    display: none;

To get the User ID, you will have to Inspect in the dialog menu within any portion of the User's post, then locate the ID number within the source. Plug the number where the asterisk appears above. It should be noted that you will still have to mute notifications for the blocked user, but both forum and private messages will cease to appear, unless quoted.

Protip: Discobot's User ID is -2. Test it out.

Disable Emojis: CCP actually have the power to do this, but won't. Not a big deal, unless you are trying to roleplay one of the cluster's more earnest demigods in the midst of deciding life and death for millions of citizens.

Code: [Select]
[class="emoji"] {
    display: none;
[class="emoji emoji-custom"] {
    display: none;

Unfortunately, I haven't quite worked out how to disable this only for the IGS, so currently it is forum-wide.  The way Discourse is structured is that threads exist independent of any subdomain, so applying these snippets to the Fiction Portal as a whole will do nothing for every thread posted therein. If I come up with some way to isolate this to IGS, I'll update.

Disable Embedded Media: If you've had enough of edgelord dubstep recruitment commercials and 'ancient Terran artifact media' in your INTERGALACTIC SUMMIT headspace, these may come in handy.

Code: [Select]
[class="lightbox"] {
    display: none;

This should hide the object that contains embedded images within the body of a post. What remains is empty space.

Code: [Select]
[class="onebox imgur-album"] {
    display: none;

This should do the above, but for albums linked directly from imgur.

Code: [Select]
[class="lazyYT lazyYT-container"] {
    display: none;

This also hides the container, but for linked YouTube videos. It should again be noted that all three of these are forum-wide, until I can determine the method to isolating the style to IGS/Fiction Portal. The good news is that a saved style edit can be toggled on and off, if you want to add an extra step when alternating between immersive and non-immersive browsing.

I have nailed down all the functions, and I am sure there are more elegant ways to code these solutions, but I have no relevant  experience prior to this dabbling. I welcome your critique and expert advice on improving style edits to make IGS look less like Discourse.

There are still many shortcomings that style edits cannot fix. CCP can do nothing to address some of them, because they are indelible within the platform. For those that CCP can adjust, I hope that they will, but I expect not.
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Re: New Forum Immersion Tools & Tricks
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jul 2017, 15:40 »

Personally I prefer using the style editor in my head. That way I can still see all content, as it would appear in New Eden.