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a lone miner was detained and executed on 29.11YC105 for "suspicious curiosity" after asking passing Imperial Fleet ships "where they were going with all those guns".

Author Topic: [Character] Alicia Claus  (Read 821 times)

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[Character] Alicia Claus
« on: 27 Apr 2015, 08:31 »

(Work in Progress) :cube:
Brief Overview, some information has been redacted due to current situations:
Jack's picture.

Full Name: Chloe 'Jack' Villianelle

Serial Number: C212:105:667

Alias: Alicia Claus/Jack

Age: 23

Clone age: Locked Roughly at the same number

Hair Color: Original color unknown.

Iris Color: Crystal Blue

Race: Sebiestor DNA, Possible tube child.

P.O.B: Juunigaishi III

D.O.B: Estimated 5/5/23329 A. D. (or YC 94)

Current Residence: Small apartment, Location not yet verified

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Sex: Female


Religious Views: N/A

Political Views: Could  care less

Marital Status: Single

Family: Deceased as records have stated.


-Siblings: None on Record

-Spouse: None on Record


Education varies between different corporations such as Marche au Supplice and Wolves of Saul. Field and physical training were issued through Wolves of Saul, common weapon safety, Close Quarters combat and shooting range. Naval and covert training was accessible through Supplice. Other trades were picked up through being undercover, such as freighting and smuggling.

Medical Brief:

> Blood Type: B-

> Defects: Tattoos And piercings. Scar across her neck along the left.

:: Other Medical Information: Capsuleer implants, seem to have a second purpose as well. Right ear has an implant behind the lobe for monitoring .


> Affiliation: Currently Claus is a rogue entity, Ex- Marche au Supplice and Wolves of Saul

> Occupation: Smuggler, Rogue Agent

> Biography:

> The Epsilon Incident:
   Chloe 'Jack' Villianelle was created, not born. Despite attempted cover ups and bribes by Marche au Supplice and Line Ark Security Armaments, Chloe was the byproduct of an incident that happened aboard a Stratios Class Cruiser named Epsilon which was returning from an exploration mission in the Amarr Empire region of Domain. In earlier cover ups it was said the ship's warp core malfunctioned causing it to be destroyed. As investigation from the DED and CONCORD, shown it was more so an inside job from a mercenary source. Aboard the ship were relics and data that dated back to the Takmahl, a find that sealed the job as completed. These relics and data were soon said to be sent to Line Ark Security Armaments, where they were further analyzed by their top researchers and developers.This raised speculation around the immediate need for more mercenary groups and DUST units in the works, Line Ark Security had a stroke of ingenuity. This information and data was soon brought to the attention of RĂ¡ven Albel Berlioz, CEO and Founder of Marche au Supplice, a paramilitary group that was its biggest shareholder and held interest in the Mercenary trade. Takmahl were undoubtedly masters of cybernetics and bio-engineering technology, which made this perfect for Supplice to begin Investing more into their ground forces the Wolves of Saul. A DUST unit purposed for the security of Supplice's interest, now possible with the Takmahl data.

>Operation Unity:

Chloe was crafted from the DNA of a Sebiestor (according to research notes) with the applied data that was recovered from the relics of the Takmahl. Line Ark supplied the original facility and staff before their disband and merger into Marche au Supplice, where Chloe saw completion. Chloe's age was  Rumors soon surrounded her as the final phases neared completion, stating that she looked similar to a woman that Ra Berlioz had relations with named Alicia. Berlioz soon shut out the rumors leaving little history on why Chloe was being made other than a test experiment. The vision was to make an agent capable of what a capsuleer can do with the tactical capabilities of DUST mercenaries. On initial phases the subject, Chloe, shown to be frail and comatose. Very weak she was stricken to her chamber which was kept under quarantine for the remainder of the first phase. By phase two she was strikingly more human. Showing color and physical movement, motor skills were in training and improving greatly.  Physical training included endurance and agility, this took some time. Chloe was still under peak performance, weight was low and strength under initial planning. By Phase three, Chloe had been tested, trained, and battered into the agent Supplice planned for. Piloting skills weren't at top marks but improving greatly as each battle was simulated. Range tests show her marksmanship was still off, but slight adjustment to posture and handling could making grouping much closer.

In the field Chloe shown control for the most part, granted she was none for being fiery and short tempered. This became a problem as mission after mission surfaced with alarming reports.

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Re: [Character] Alicia Claus
« Reply #1 on: 27 Apr 2015, 12:30 »

 :cube: secretly
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Re: [Character] Alicia Claus
« Reply #2 on: 08 Dec 2015, 23:07 »

Interesting bio, I hope you finish it. I like the connection with Takmahl technology. Have you seen the compiled data about Takmahl by Synthia?