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Author Topic: Ditanium  (Read 700 times)

Louella Dougans

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« on: 31 Aug 2015, 14:22 »


As you know, Amarr warships rely heavily on the various armors that we use in the construction and upgrading of our ships. For the most part, we rely on the same metals and alloys found in markets and hangars found in virtually every corner of the populated regions. Thus, it is a rare thing when a wholly new metal appears – and rarer still when only one race discovers it, unbeknownst to the others.

Such an occurrence, I can tell you now only in the strictest confidence, has indeed taken place at a remote clandestine Amarr metallurgical research facility. Masquerading as a routine ore processing laboratory near an otherwise uninteresting Veldspar-laden asteroid field, this facility has been conducting advanced research exclusively into an extremely rare and highly classified metal, found only in the ore of a small fraction of the asteroids present in that specific field: a new metal we call Ditanium. To date, this is the strongest naturally occurring metal yet encountered by our scientists. While we are confident that this metal exists elsewhere in space, to our knowledge, we are the first to actually find it.

Given the rarity of this metal and the significant complexities of its mining and processing, it has taken two full months to produce just enough finished metal plates to fit a single Punisher-class frigate. We intend to use this ship for Phase I field testing, which includes flight handling characteristics, radar cross-section analysis, temperature extremes testing, and other critical operational parameters. If successful, we are confident that we may be able to begin full scale production and ship fitting within two years.

However, before this test can take place, we need someone to courier these Ditanium plates to a station we designate. From there, it will be transshipped to a military shipyard for fitting to the Punisher testbed ship. We do not anticipate this shipment will present any problems, particularly given the high level of secrecy relating to the project, but with potentially many hundreds of billions of ISK riding on the successful integration of Ditanium into our armor plates and other protective ship components, we are taking no chances.

We need to know immediately if you will deliver this Ditanium to the designated station.

That is very good news, thank you. With your permission, we will begin loading pallets of the Ditanium plates into your hangar.

Our scientists have verified receipt of the Ditanium plates and are right now moving those pallets to other ships for transshipment to the final destination. Well done and please contact us again in the future should you seek further employment. And remember: you were never here.


Alain Colcer

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Re: Ditanium
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2015, 16:54 »

even more seems gallente are after it

Refrigerated secure cargo containers containing aerogel infused with dormant prototype anti-nanites. These containers have been specially modified with the latest security encryption protocols, to better ensure that any Gallente saboteurs will be unable to access and tamper with this critical cargo.