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Author Topic: Rogue Drones and the Theology Council  (Read 677 times)

Louella Dougans

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Rogue Drones and the Theology Council
« on: 31 Aug 2015, 13:00 »

Drone Detritus

I've been hearing about a rogue drone hive nearby. The Theology Council has been searching for more information on the issue of theseā€¦ "awakened" drones. Such a matter has a certain interest to those who are given to the study of doctrinal matters. Will you do me the courtesy of investigating the situation and, if possible, bringing one of these strange creatures' AI cores back for study?

That is the most any of us can do, no? It's always good to find someone else with a well-developed moral sense. Do be careful.

That is for the Council to decide, of course. Go with God, child, and know that your assistance is appreciated.

Objective, to retrieve an AI core.

I find this mission interesting, because of the huge difference in the mission briefing compared to the one given by other agents for this mission:

The agent dialogue snippets, appear to suggest that the Theology Council is pondering the nature of the rogue drones.

Makes me wonder what corporations may also have specialised mission briefings.


Alain Colcer

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Re: Rogue Drones and the Theology Council
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2015, 13:31 »

have never seen this mission playing with gallente.....interesting.