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blueprints are required for manufacture of everything from shuttles to dreadnoughts because of strict anti-copyright infringement laws enforced by the SCC.

Author Topic: so... there's a monologue in the background on the war thunder signup page...  (Read 579 times)


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it goes something like this:

"From the second it takes off you're inside. It's a cage you see. You know your eyes freeze up at that altitude at 20,000 feet the electrics keep you alive, the wires the cables and then the flak comes in thick and heavy. You won't get out. Nobody dives at 300 knots"

I can't find it anywhere else on the internet, but when i heard it on the site my first thought was 'that sounds a lot like Gambon'
anyone got any idea who it actually is??

Arnulf Ogunkoya

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According to IMDB the only credited voice actor is Angus King, playing "pilot".
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