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Author Topic: Tales from Aeria  (Read 574 times)

Saede Riordan

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Tales from Aeria
« on: 18 Jul 2015, 09:56 »

Hi guys, it must seem like I haven't been very active in EVE recently. I've been planning a move, I just got a new job, and I recently wrote a novel.

And yes, I said wrote in the past tense, I've finished the first draft and I'm currently on the second editing pass. I'm really working hard at trying to get something publishable, with any luck, it will be on bookshelves within a year or two.

The novel is set in a world called Aeria, a strange and dangerous realm of vast scope. Huge and ponderous islands of stone float through seemingly endless blue skies.

Here's my first draft map, its not accurate to the current lore, but it captures the basic shapes of all the continents and a bit of the geopolitical scene. I personally love maps, and I know I'm not the only map nerd out there. Sorry about the quality though, the map looks nice in person, but my camera is crap. That won't be the version of the map that makes it to print, but it'll hopefully be neat to look at nonetheless.

Still, it'll be a long road to getting published, and there's so much depth and thought I've put into the world at this point, that I really just feel the need to share something with the community. So, I've made a blog where I'll be posting short stories, bits of fluff on the universe, here's the link:

So far I've made three posts, the most recent is an encyclopaedia article about magic from an in-universe perspective. I'm really curious what people make of the magic system in the abstract, and its one of the things I'm hoping to be able to collect good feedback on.

I've also posted two chapters so far to what I guess could be termed a serial fiction, called Fall of Oso. I'm really not sure how long it will go for. Here's a link to the first chapter of that. I'm hoping it'll prove to be an interesting read.

I've also created a new subreddit called /r/aeria, it probably won't get used unless I actually magically develop a reader base, but its there if there's a desire. Had to snag the subreddit name, :P

So yeah, if this stuff interests you, I'll be posting updates on /r/rationality, which I recommend everyone check out if they haven't had a chance yet. There's a lot of cool stuff there besides mine.

Cheers, Saede o7
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