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Author Topic: EVE Region Descriptions  (Read 14575 times)


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EVE Region Descriptions
« on: 16 Apr 2010, 17:07 »

contributed by Yoshito Sanders at chatsubo

Here's all of them. Any region not listed doesn't have a description (only Drone regions, I think).

"It was like the gods of old, descending from the heavens and handing us fire, empowering us far beyond our comprehension.. and then vanishing."

- Treatise on the rise of the capsuleer.

"It has been a long, tedious journey. Whilst my cartographer maintains that the distance from the central Throne Worlds is not great, the toil of getting here was, for many reasons, too tiresome to enumerate. The mineral survey report is also grim. It seems that despite being perched on the fringes of known space, the riches that we were led to expect are nowhere to be found. This region seems literally devoid of anything of worth, a desert with no oasis in sight, where even my faith seems to shrivel and die. Perhaps others will find worth here. I cannot."

- From the journal of Soruma Aquiun, Commander 51st Exploration Corps.

The northern hinterland of Branch remains a dismal and largely desolate region, despite its considerable mineral wealth. Unlike the rest of the densely-packed northern cluster, Branch and its neighbor Tenal occupy a sector of space located behind the vast tracts of Guristas-infested Venal, making access to them even more hazardous than usual. Perversely, this inaccessibility is also one of its greatest attractions: many capsuleer regimes have found that this isolated fastness perfect for establishing the fortified core of their dominion.

The history of Cache is shrouded in mystery, even among the highest levels of the four Empires. No record remains of its original explorers, or what they were after. The region stretches out into the eastern darkness like a mangled claw, stringing far-flung stars into a twisted necklace of frozen tears. What did the nameless voyagers hope to find out in the cold tomb of trackless space? And given the abrupt end to which the region comes, did they find it, or did some darker fate befall them?

Catch has long been a strategically important region. During the initial expansion into the rim territories, it linked the Khanid Kingdom, Sansha's Nation and the Angel Cartel to one another, and through its connections to Providence was given considerable status as the "Southern Gateway" by the Amarr Empire. Unlike regions such as Pure Blind, however, its importance did not fade with the dawn of the capsuleer era, as its branching links east and west ensured continued relevance. As a consequence it has earned itself a bloody reputation - some say the very stars reverberate with the dying breaths of the countless lost souls.

Cloud Ring
Named by noted Intaki astronomer Alnadil Jouber, Cloud Ring is notable for its central constellations, which are encompassed by a massive ring of dust and gas expelled from an ancient stellar catastrophe of colossal proportions. The first scientist to observe and detail this phenomenon from observatories in the Placid region, Jouber went on to theorize that analysis of the ring's extent, density, and rate of expansion could give insight as to what monumental event could have caused such a disturbance and when it might have occurred.

He further theorized that such an explosion might have had far-reaching gravitic effects that could destabilize wormholes, and might have been a contributing factor in the collapse of the EVE Gate. While later researchers have discounted many of his ideas, the validity of his theories has yet to be categorically disproven. It is noteworthy that the Sisters of EVE maintain several bases in Placid, from which scientific expeditions to study the Cloud Ring are coordinated.

Once we were mighty,
Stars bent to our will,
Our reach was infinite,
Our power incontestable,
With outstretched hands we tried,
To touch the face of perfection,
But we came too close,
To that which is not due mortals,
And our punishment is our curse,
Our endless sorrow.
- Translation of an old Jovian poem

"Perfection ain't all it's cracked up to be"
- Angel saying

Deklein is a narrow band of stars loosely connected by some of the most ancient gates outside of empire space. Reminiscent of a skeletal finger pointing out toward the void, it is such a remote region that some of the gates found when the area was first explored are still in use. While in most regions gate crews swap out every five years or so, in Deklein some of these ancient gates have been run by the same family for hundreds of years.

These families have intricate knowledge of their gates and the network they're connected to. It was once the practice that aspiring gatemen would travel to Deklein to do their year and come back "Deklein-trained" – a title of some honor which would almost guarantee them a chief gate operator position upon their return. Of course, some never would return...

With the gradual influx of heavy Gurista presence in the area this practice ceased, although the families still exist, keeping the gate network running and passing on their extensive knowledge to any gate operator crazy enough to run the gauntlet of dangers to reach them.

Bloody Omir ran away
Hiding from the light of day
Made a base out in the night
Far far from the Empire's might
Holders think they all are safe
Protected by the Emp'ror's grace
Silly people, they should know
You shall reap just what you sow
Bloody Omir's coming back
Monsters from the endless black
Wading through a crimson flood
Omir's come to drink your blood

- Nursery Ryhme

The Derelik region, sovereign seat of the Ammatar Mandate, became the shield to the Amarrian flank in the wake of the Minmatar Rebellion. Derelik witnessed many hostile exchanges between the Amarr and rebel forces as the latter tried to push deeper into the territory of their former masters. Having held their ground, thanks in no small part to the Ammatars' military efforts, the Amarr awarded the Ammatar with their own province. However, this portion of space shared borders with the newly forming Minmatar Republic as well as the Empire, and thus came to be situated in a dark recess surrounded by hostiles.

Given the lack of safe routes elsewhere, the local economies of this region were dependent on trade with the Amarr as their primary means of survival. The Ammatar persevered over many decades of economic stagnation and limited trade partners, and their determination has in recent decacdes been rewarded with an increase in economic prosperity. This harsh trail is a point of pride for all who call themselves Ammatar, and it has bolstered their faith in the Amarrian way to no end.

In the outer reaches of the south, nestled behind its formidable neighbors, lies Detorid. This unassuming region is home to what have become termed dead storms, a phenomenon thus far not found anywhere else. They appear randomly, centered around certain planets, ravage the area for days, then abruptly vanish.

Scientists have had relatively few chances to travel to the region to study dead storms, as Detorid once marked the edge of the Jove Empire and now lies within the Angel Cartel’s territory. Current theory points to the storms being tears in the fabric of space. Why they exist in the first place, or the reason for their being focused around certain planets, remain mysteries and will no doubt do so for some time yet.

Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God

- The Scriptures, Book of Missions Verses 42:5

"In God's name, the Amarr have reclaimed the entirety of our world. Now, blessed with the divine mandate of God, we spread our reach unto other worlds. From nearby Hedion, to the distant Misaba, to the burning southern star Penirgman, and all lands in-between. They are our birthright, our duty, our Domain."

- Emperor Heideran III, 21290 AD upon the opening of the first stargate since the collapse.

When Sansha's Nation was at the height of its power, Esoteria was one of its richest territories. Scholars, philosophers, scientists, and many of its most affluent True Citizens made it their home. The occupants relied on the remoteness of the region to keep them safe, anticipating that the legions of True Slaves in Stain would remain an impenetrable shield that none could pass.

When the Alliance of Empires swept down upon the Nation, the shield was shattered and their forces crushed under the alliance’s unassailable might. Then, like barbarians of old, the forces of the Amarr Empire crashed into Esoteria, pillaging and slaughtering all before them.

Now, all that remains of the Nation’s once-pervasive presence in the area is floating husks; great ruins that stand as both a eulogy to Sansha's former dream and a stark warning to any who might provoke the ire of all four Empire. The Nation continues to send their own ships into the area, scouring it for any bit of lost technology that might give them an edge in their attempt to resurrect Sansha's dream.

"The Federation is not a defined region of space, of planets, of mountains, rivers, or woods. It is a vision."

The first region that the Federation colonized after Essence was Everyshore. The asteroid belts of this region were found to hold significant amounts of Veldspar and Scordite, which the Federation mined with a vigor never seen before in order to fuel construction projects that their quickly expanding borders required. When the belts were mined to a level that made large scale operations uneconomical, greedy eyes turned towards the planets, intent on mining these for minerals.

An incident on a lush jungle planet in the Aclan system forced the government to intervene. Astral Mining, filling a large contract for the Federation Navy, introduced a herbicide into the atmosphere to clear the jungle and enable mining to begin. Outraged at this senseless destruction, where many species of flora and fauna were lost that had not even been studied, prominent ecologists managed to force a bill through the Senate: no planet that supported any life-form was to have its ecosystem tampered with in any way without a license being granted from the Federation Senate. This law became known as The Aclan Agreement and it remains in place to this day.

A foreboding area of space long considered to be the backwater of the galaxy, Fade was once the home of no less than a dozen small competing pirate sects. Never managing to pose much of a threat to Empire space due to their frequent clashes, they were mostly ignored. That is, until the Serpentis came to be and began expanding its power base.

Seeing a region ripe for the picking, the Serpentis began to insinuate its people into several of the most powerful factions, playing them off against each other until they were sufficiently weakened both politically and militarily that moving in and taking control was simply a formality. This audacious move put the Serpentis firmly on the map of even the major Empires.

The human diaspora throughout the systems of New Eden was quite widespread prior to the collapse of the EVE Gate. In many areas, cultures cut off from other civilizations thrived in isolation. One of these regions was Feythabolis, a relatively small empire of progressive thinkers and egalitarian political philosophers. Unfortunately, this state lagged behind other empires significantly in technological advancement, having only recently started to colonize the local space just as the ruthless Angel Cartel was moving in to establish their control. Completely outclassed by the military forces of the Cartel, the fledgling empire was defeated with ease and its entire population bent to the will of the Angels.

"You young pod pilots have it lucky! Why, back in my day, we didn't have these fancy pants lawless regions like Pure Blind and Stain! We had Fountain! We had to go to Fountain! Through Aridia, both ways! And it was infested with Blood Raiders! They stole our blood and we didn't complain. We liked it! Because the other option was going to Providence, and they had Sanshas who stole your BRAIN! So when you're out there, smoking your fancy tobacco, drinking your fancy spiced wine, and mining with your fancy Hulks, remember: it wasn't so long ago that we had to give our first born to the Emperor just for a chance to apply for a permit to mine in Fountain! So be thankful for what you have!"

- Old Prospector Yurskeld to anyone who will listen to him.

Despite being overrun by Guristas, Geminate is home to the Society of Conscious Thought. Their headquarters are located in the middle of the region, quite a distance from civilized space. Many contend that the Society's most gifted students are brought here to learn the innermost secrets of the Society, far from the prying eyes of their parents and the Empires. Though the claims appear quite outlandish, the fact that the Guristas give the station a wide berth has lead to rumors that the Society isn't nearly as passive as many think.

In the beginning all things were as one.
God parted them and breathed life into his creation
Divided the parts and gave each its place
And unto each, bestowed purpose.

- The Scriptures, Book I Verses 1:4

Great Wildlands
"Pirates. Scoundrels. Vagabonds. The most enigmatic of all the Minmatar tribes members are called many things, but no one truly knows them. I have researched them perhaps more than any scholar alive and still I know nothing.."

- The Travels of Germone Ferush

"Never Again"

Immensea was mapped entirely by successive generations of an Ammatar Wayfinder clan. Driven by tales of massive clusters of Arkanor in the deep south, they forged deeper and deeper into unexplored territory, mapping out a long corridor of space. Eventually they encountered one of the many great voids littering the southern expanses and could go no further. Failing to locate precious minerals in any extraordinary volumes, they reluctantly turned back and returned to civilized space, content with the knowledge that they had pushed further south than any previous human.

It was only on their repatriation that they learnt of the Amarrian expedition launched many years later that, capitalizing on a number of technological advancements, had pushed down a parallel route through what is now Tenerifis, penetrating almost ten light years further into uncharted territory and returning decades earlier. The name of the clan who mounted the expedition is now lost to history.

During the initial expansion of Sansha’s Nation, some factions in the Imperial Court foresaw the coming conflict with that which they once supported and began formulating plans for an invasion. It was clear right from the beginning that the inability to penetrate into Esoteria without running the gauntlet of Stain would play in Sansha's favor, so they commissioned a military expedition to search for an alternate route in. Its leader, Commodore Barius, made good progress initially but soon ran into a great empty expanse blocking their path. His ships roamed high and low through the wall of stars marking the void's eastern edge, mapping many systems but failing to make any forward progress. Eventually, admitting defeat, he sent a single blunt transmission to Fleet Command: "Sir, we have reached an impasse."

Little is known by the Empires about the region known as Innsmother. Long a haunt of the Angel Cartel, it forms a tangled barrier between the dense south-eastern cluster and the barbed mystery of the Cache region. Once the guardian of a little-visted backwater volume, in the wake of the Spectrum Breach incident it now serves as the primary corridor between the southern expanse and the drone-infested eastern regions.


Leave us be.

Despite belonging to the Heir House known as the "Old Imperial Family," Kador is one of the least developed regions in the Empire. The Kador Family has not been progressive in encouraging trade and investment into the region, favoring older, established Holder families with proven bloodlines and heritage. Though in many ways a musty embodiment of the old ways, Kador may be one of the few parts of Amarr territory where a traveler can still get a glimpse of the grand and majestic Empire of days gone by.

"I will not be ordered by some whimpering fool to destroy myself when my work is unfinished. You will not take anything from me - not my kingdom, not my people and least of all my life."

- Khanid II

During the time that Doriam Kor-Azor controlled this region it became a prosperous and thriving center of interstellar trade, its planets and cities flourishing. The whole area went into a state of shock following their beloved Emperor’s assassination, and despite many attempts at rekindling the economic prosperity and spirit, the region and its people still mourn the loss of one of their greatest leaders.

"Our surveys show that there are many planets capable of sustaining life in these systems. However, the lack of a proper stargate network has drastically increased the travel time for our mission. I think it is worth it. I don't trust those Gallente further than I could throw one, and that isn't very far, given their indulgences.

The initial speculation for a fallback position seems to be sustainable, but we have one potential problem. The long-range probes we sent out have been reporting some strange readings. Our science teams think they are reading stargates and an adjoining region, which is disturbing. I do not think it possible that the Gallente have yet moved that far. Until we can confirm these readings and determine who or what these stargates belong to , it would be ill-advised to place ourselves in a position where we have our movement restricted on multiple fronts."

-Minato Zumari, Caldari Navy Commander

It has long been an established fact of civilisation that wherever a seat of government lies, then so will a concentration of its subjects, the better to fuel the halls of bureaucracy. In this, the Republic has been no exception and in locating their Parliament and Justice Department in the Gedulf constellation, they guaranteed a huge population influx. This population needs supporting, and so some of the largest Matari corporations also have their head offices here, making the region bustle with activity, not unlike a large Metropolis.

Molden Heath
The common ground of the Heath, away from the bustling crowds of Heimatar and Metropolis, was in the days of the Elders committed as neutral ground between the Matari Tribes, to be claimed by none and developed by all.

Its scarcity of resources, as well as its proximity to the untamed reaches of Great Wildlands and the hated space of the turncoat Ammatar, have all diminished its value in the eyes of modern Minmatar society. Coupled with barriers imposed by bordering singularities and voids, this has created a region with an unsettled history and an uncertain future.

Today, as legitimate claimant to the title of "center of the cluster," and as the site of the Golgothan Fields, the region still evokes great national pride, but despite this it remains mostly undeveloped. Indeed, in recent years the outcast Thukker Tribe have been making inroads, which does little to enhance the region’s already tarnished image.

Out in Omist, civilization gives way to survival. Here, it is not one corporation against another. It is one tribe fighting in a blood war against another, not out of differing ideologies or any higher reasoning. It is only for the basest necessities of humanity that men wage war in Omist. Such is the way of life on the frontier's frontier. It is dark, brutal, and unforgiving. In a way, Omist is the rest of the galaxy, distilled down to its most elementary nature. Those who can survive and thrive here seem as untamed gods to those who luxuriate in more civilized space.

Outer Ring
Before the discovery of nocxium changed the way industry functioned, the Outer Ring was considered nothing more than an average parcel of space. That was why Outer Ring Excavations was able to get their start here, mining the "low end" ores while braving unlawful space. But once the process of refining nocxium was discovered, the Outer Ring became a gold mine. Outer Ring Excavations quickly became leaders in the field of asteroid mining. Of course, such wealth always brings challenges.

For decades, ORE called Mordu's Angels their closest allies. The highly trained and proficient mercenaries patrolled the Outer Ring for troublemakers, focusing in particular on the Serpentis who made regular raids into the area. The Serpentis had the last laugh, though, when they bought a majority share in ORE. Now the Serpentis prowl the space lanes of the Outer Ring virtually unopposed.

Paragon Soul
Dearest Heloise: I apologize for the tardiness of this message. It seems our host has relocated his research efforts further abroad, making this slave delivery a much longer endeavor. When I asked why, our host assured me that our upcoming tour of the facility would explain everything. I remain skeptical. Regardless, I promise to return to you soon.

Heloise: The facilities here are astounding! Our host has assembled a team of the finest minds to bring his dream to life. They have made major strides-- the implications of their cranial implant technology alone are dazzling.

Heloise: Our host introduced what became of the slaves I delivered. The brutes were silent and inert. I tell you, it was as if their very souls had been stripped from them. I will voice my concerns with our host tomorrow.

Heloise: Our host announced the birth of his 'Nation.' I sent a communique to the Ministry of Internal Order.

Heloise: I discovered my messages are being blocked. Our host never had any intention of sending them. His automatons are everywhere now. Their number grows every day. They are watching me.

My Darling Wife: How I miss you. The slaves have been set against everyone not of the Nation. I survived only by grace. The things are slow, but efficient. I hear their footsteps pass the room, regular, constant. It is only a matter of time. I pray God forgive us our terrible transgressions. I love you, Heloise. I am sorry that I must break my promise.

Period Basis
When attempting to determine a universal timekeeping standard between regions, one of the factions attempting to make their case came to be known as the Arithmetics. Comprised mainly of engineers and physicists, the Arithmetics sought to use naturally occurring phenomena and mathematical permutations thereof to dictate a "pure" clock. During this time, the region now known as Period Basis was an area of intensive research. The region's inordinately high concentration of pulsars of various frequencies led the physicists to try to find some lowest common denominator among the harmonics, or in the common parlance of astronomer Callentus Holzine, "a basis from which the shortest period can be rigorously calculated, with all larger units of time expressed as multiples of that period." Once the Traditionalists carried the day with their historical reconstructions of the Earth-standard clock, extensive scientific exploration of the region lapsed in importance, and today the region's large number of pulsars and other stellar phenomena are largely considered merely a curiosity.

In reality, Placid is anything but. The southern reaches of the region are home to the notorious Intaki, whose huge emphasis on personal freedom goes some way towards explaining its general lawlessness. The situation is not helped by the Federation's seeming reluctance to invest heavily in the region - a source of some resentment among the Intaki who haven't already fled to Syndicate.

To make matters worse, much of what does get earmarked for the region ends up being used to bolster the Federation's increasingly important military presence in Placid's turbulent and far-flung northern extremities, which are constantly under threat.

The Empire long had its eye on the region it named Providence, a wealth of minerals on its border ripe for the plucking. Those plans were forced off the shelf with the Minmatar rebellion and the following disaster of Vak’Atioth. Hamstrung by these events and their repercussions, the expansion into Providence failed to materialize.

So the region was left to waste. Capsuleers now rule the byways, and Sansha’s reborn Nation attempts to expand their influence into the region. But only a fool would assume that the Empire has forgotten its plans entirely. The enduring Amarr have learned to be ever patient, ever watchful.

Pure Blind
When Pure Blind was first properly mapped, it was earmarked to become the Caldari's Fourth District. A long chain of logistical and political difficulties ensued, and the plan was shelved numerous times but never quite died. Recent population pressures brought the plans back from death yet again, and for a while it seemed as if they might finally go ahead. However, it turned out that the moment had already passed - the region was now home to both the Caldari Loyalist forces of Mordu's famous Legion and the avowedly neutral Servant Sisters of EVE, and the remaining volumes were gripped tightly by various capsuleer factions who were undeterred by its comparative lack of resources. Frustrated, the State turned its attentions elsewhere, and it seems that Pure Blind will remain a turgid melting pot of competing traditional and capsuleer forces for the foreseeable future.

The Querious region was originally referred to as JK-FIX, and was seen as merely an administrative grouping for a large mass of disparate systems discovered near to the already-established Delve region. Many of these should by most conventions be part of Delve proper, but the growing Blood Raider presence in that region drove the administration at the time to fold them in with the rest of what is now Querious. When that region too was overrun by Blood forces the issue became irrelevant, but by then the maps had been finalized. The region was given its current name (a reference to an obscure piece of scripture) relatively recently, and while its original designation is no longer present anywhere in official records, part of it has been adopted by the region's hardy capsuleer residents who keep alive what they see as the old traditions.

Scalding Pass
Scalding Pass is a vast stellar nursery, the birth place of stars. A harsh and unforgiving region of space home to violent ion storms and rocked by intense solar winds, the Pass is littered with the wrecks of ships that were blindsided by the unpredictable dangers this region holds.

However, there are some who manage to find solace and safety in such a tumultuous place. The Cartel is rumored to have many outlying bases in the region, masked by stellar phenomena, and in recent times many capsuleer groups have braved its burning embrace in pursuit of their dark dreams of power.

Sinq Laison
Sinq Laison suffered terribly during the war with the Caldari. On the front lines for much of the conflict, many small settlements were ruthlessly destroyed by small Caldari raiding parties operating a scorched earth policy to deny any industrial use of the region. It is testament to the hardiness of the human spirit that now it is economically one of the strongest regions in the Federation, ironically owing much of its rebuilding to the vast quantities of Caldari goods that are imported and traded at the many outposts and stations in the border region.

Despite its name, Solitude is hardly peaceful and quiet. Physically separated from the rest of the Federation it lies wedged between the Syndicate and the Amarr Empire. But for such a small, segregated sector of space, Solitude commands a great deal of influence in the Federation. Not only for its strategic location but the fact that many of the Federation's most influential and charismatic politicians come from Solitude. Over 15% of the current Senate, such as former Presidential candidate Senator Blaque, either represent Solitude or were born in the region and later migrated to others. This, some speculate, is what has led to the somewhat more warlike and isolationist tendencies within some quarters of the Federations politics.

"So long as a single citizen of my nation survives, my dream lives on."

"A den of thieves, scoundrels, bandits, black market dealers, gamblers, pimps and prostitutes. All in all, a nice place for a holiday"

- Unnamed Gallente Senator.

Even before they were an Heir Family, the Tash-Murkon house controlled much of the space they now lend their name to. Thanks to their enterprising ways, the Tash-Murkon transformed the once-backwater locale into a bustling trade hub. Though the pressures and duties of being a Royal Family have rendered the region less of an economic juggernaut than it once was, Tash-Murkon continues to be the friendliest and easiest region of the Empire for the average trader to make a living in.

Tenal has long been a refuge for those wishing to stray far away from the State, for one reason or another. The journey there is perilous due to the intervening Guristas territories, but that remains a major element of its appeal, and many pioneers, hermits and less reputable travelers have risked everything to travel to this quiet backwater and make it their home. Several Caldari mystics have claimed that Tenal is the place that one should travel to in order to come face to face with the Starsmith, although whether this is in reference to the view into space from its outermost systems or the likely outcome of trying to negotiate the dangers of the route has never been made clear.

Dividing much of the southern expanse into two, Tenerifis acts as both a transit corridor and a sinuous line of fortification, having seen plenty of violence in its recent bloody history. As with most of the outer territories, the advent of the capsuleer era brought wealth and warfare in equal measure. Indeed, the mere mention of the names of some of its systems will unsettle capsuleers all across the cluster.

The Bleak Lands
When the Sani Sabik cults were first deemed heretical by the Council of Apostles millennia ago, they were driven out of the homelands of the Amarr Empire. Many of them fled to the Bleak Lands, where they sulked in hiding for centuries fighting amongst themselves until one stood victorious, The Blood Raiders. The Bleaks remained their seat of power until June 107 when, following the horrors of Mabnen, the Amarr Navy descended upon the region with all their fury and rage, forcing the Blood Raiders to retreat out of the Bleak Lands. Their presence is still felt, as the region remains a lawless danger to even the most wary traveler.

Recent times have pushed this traditionally neglected region once more back into a position of some prominence. The brief War of Defiance was fought almost entirely within this region, and the ripples of that conflict and its fiery conclusion are still spreading. Many see the Bleaks as a central battlefield in the oft-predicted conflagration between the Empire and its former slaves, ensuring that some at least still have serious plans for the volume.

The Citadel
Acting as both an ideological fort as well as a physical impediment to invasion, the Citadel is among the most well fortified regions in the cluster. Despite their penchant for squabbling and competing with each other, nearly every Caldari corporation keeps a presence here, all working together to diligently defend their home. After having been ejected from one homeland, the Caldari are not about to suffer such a fate again. The Citadel stands as proud testament to that resolve.

The Forge
"The greater the State becomes, the greater humanity under it flourishes."

For a long time, the Caldari State maintained an illicit but considerable military presence in the region they often referred to as "The Northern Barrier," patrolling the crescent-shaped region in an attempt to detect and intercept raiding parties from the Gurista strongholds in Venal. The arrival of capsuleer alliances made their listening posts both untenable and unnecessary, so they evacuated their assets and retreated from the region. Where the Empires saw a barrier, the capsuleers see a transit corridor, and the "Tribute Pipeline" is now a strategically important route carrying trade between the State and the northern territories.


Vale of the Silent
A sprawling region in the galactic "north," the Vale of the Silent has a reputation as one of the most foreboding regions in the cluster. The Guristas pirates who prowl the area, scavenging for resources, do little to dispel the notion that the Vale is a haunted relic of times past. Rumors of secret Jovian experiments in the area abound, though no one has ever given proof of such things. The region is one of the closest areas to Jovian space, despite no longer having any functioning stargates leading there. Many of the other Empires have made attempts to set up spying stations in an attempt to probe out Jovian secrets, but none have lasted long in the harsh area. Now, the area is left totally to capsuleer control and they have proven hardier than those who came before them.

"I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations that... what are we being accused of again, Rabbit?"

"This time? G-g-grand piracy, sixth-degree m-m-multiple-homicide, terrorism and littering, i-i-if I'm reading this right"

"Yeah, that. No comment"

Verge Vendor
While otherwise unnotable, Verge Vendor is the home to one of the most infamous experiments of all time. Tierijev is found in Verge Vendor, the site of a doomed cooperative between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation. While the ripples of Tierijev have long since settled, Verge Vendor still evokes memories of cooperation for the sake of scientific progress in many. As such, the number of young, idealistic scientists found in the region is disproportionately higher than found in other larger, richer areas. Many dream of the day the hope of Tierijev set won't be a simple one-off, but rather a blueprint for greater scientific harmony throughout the galaxy.

Wicked Creek
Forming the core of the southeastern cluster, this has long been a heartland of the Angel Cartel, as well as a frequent stomping ground of Thukker outriders. Its maze of systems, centralized position and multiple exits have also made it a favored hideaway of many particularly notorious criminals over the course of its long, tainted history. Some of the most infamous villains in living memory (including serially genocidal Black Harold, the arch-defiler Lucias, and the enigma that was Susa'tah) have run to - and occasionally been run to ground in - the Creek's dark embrace.

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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #1 on: 16 Apr 2010, 17:07 »

The Drone Regions
(thanks for pointing out they were missing, Koronakesh~ -Havo)

H3J8-U - Cobalt Edge
A natural destination for explorers and adventurers of all kinds, Cobalt Edge juts up and out of the Drone Regions subcluster, thrusting a long wicked blade of stars out into intergalactic space. Its status as a prominence in the local geography seems to have attracted the attentions of some of the more adventurous rogue drones, as well as capsuleers motivated by wanderlust as well as greed for untapped resources.

Many strange tales have been brought back from the Edge to the stopping points and waystations of the growing colonies in the neighboring regions: tales of rare solitary drones, specialized beyond normal experience, wandering the systems; stories of these lone wanderers being hunted by packs of 'normal' rogue drones; weird rumors of the 'lonesome ones' actually helping capsuleers in dire circumstances. Most of these tales, not least those claiming aid from rogues, are dismissed out of hand. Yet they persist and are joined by more every time an explorer from the Cobalt Edge sets down in a bar to drink and talk.

7-KXBJ - Etherium Reach
Considered by many to be the gateway to the Drone Regions, Etherium Reach rapidly became extensively colonized by those drawn to the opportunities opened up in the newly-accessible systems. Briefly, the Minmatar Republic pondered its strategic advantage over most other empires, with proximity to the regions through relatively short routes into the Reach no doubt tempting.

The Skarkon Incident showed how tenuous its advantage really was before other matters demanded the full attention of the Minmatar tribes. Even so, some Thukker caravan masters continue to maintain an interest in an area abutting onto their Great Wildands domains and have become authorities on the rogue drones. Expertise on the uses to which rogue drone parts can be put is not the least of the advantages the wily Thukker derive from their age old traditions of exploration and specialization.

87-1CW - Kalevala Expanse
No description.

LQ-OQN - Malpais
At the heart of the Drone Regions subcluster, Malpais quickly gained a reputation as a graveyard for the unwary, its twisting routes leading many eager explorers astray in the early days of the capsuleer expansion into the region. Death by rogue drones was before long joined by death by piracy and war. As capsuleers settled into the patterns of behavior seen in so many other outer regions, the region's reputation led many to avoid it in favor of opportunities elsewhere.

G5KW-3 - Oasa
"They represent a certain savagery, an untamed wild, something to fear in an era where we thought to have exterminated all dangers to ourselves, but ourselves."

- Professor Blondal, Master of Philosophy, University of Caille.

6HL8-L - Outer Passage
"It's as if an anteater has stumbled upon a particularly juicy nest of ants. The ants can try to fight back, to bite and sting, but the anteater has long evolved to ignore them. He doesn't even feel them. He just knows they are food. He'll gorge himself, then wander off to sleep. The ants do not mourn; they have no time for it. They merely rebuild in the hope that the anteater will stay away while knowing its return is inevitable."

- The Travels of Germone Ferush

S-I6VU - Perrigen Falls

(Translation: Iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate)

VU-WU2 - The Spire
"The Spire! Oh God, the Spire! Warn everyone, warn your brothers, your sisters, warn your parents and your friends! Oh no, no, warn God, does he know? Warn him, the Spire! You must warn him!"

This is a forum on steroids tbh. The rate at which content worth reading is being generated could get you pregnant.

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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 2010, 21:22 »

Black Rise is missing.

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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jul 2010, 22:03 »

Black Rise is missing.

Quote from: In Game Region Description of Black Rise

Quote from: In Game Description from Preceding area description
Black void divides the western regions of the mighty Gallente Federation and the Caldari State, apparently without mass or dimension but still inexplicably closed to the eyes of science. During the Gallente-Caldari War, both empires tried to establish travel routes through the utter vacuum in order to outflank their foe, but all such endeavours were lost in the gloomy bowels of the Black Rise, never to be seen again. For decades no man has ventured far into it and no one really knows what secrets lie hidden in its murky depths.

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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #4 on: 15 Jul 2010, 09:02 »

i really wish CCP finished the explanation of how the Caldari State connected and colonized Black Rise succesfully and undetected, to later just be opened to CONCORD.



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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #5 on: 15 Jul 2010, 20:43 »

that could be a really cool short story.

we should go poke dropbear about it.
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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #6 on: 08 Aug 2010, 01:12 »

i really wish CCP finished the explanation of how the Caldari State connected and colonized Black Rise succesfully and undetected, to later just be opened to CONCORD.


They needed a mostly-low-sec State region close to the Fed that could be sacrificed in place of the mostly-high-sec happy-fat-carebear land. IIRC there was not sufficent low-sec areas around the State-side of the Placid border, so they made more.

While I think it was an annoying ass-pull by CCP and that is HAS no IC explenation, we might get them to make one. Yes, we should go poke the story-writers about this.

As for the list, it's quite nice. I considered once making an IC story based on the history of Feythabolis and the ASCN, but I've never got this far, yet.

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Re: EVE Region Descriptions
« Reply #7 on: 08 Aug 2010, 18:17 »

i really wish CCP finished the explanation

BB, what you mention is the normal game design explanation, they actually took quite a deal of time to give the reasons within that context. However, with the downtime on Empyrean Age and just a few days later, several news items were published regarding CONCORD demands on the State about the region and its gate network.

I just want to see some of that storyline developed and finished somehow.