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Author Topic: [Character] Velarra  (Read 761 times)


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[Character] Velarra
« on: 30 Jan 2015, 15:39 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Takeuchi, Shizu
DED Callsign: Velarra
Blood Type: O -
Age: 39
Height: 1.76m (5',8")
Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Political Alignment: Angel Cartel Loyalist
Standings in Support of Political Alignment: Angel Cartel: 8.36 || Blood Raider Covenant: -10.00, Guristas: -10.00, Sansha's Nation: -10.00
Date of Birth: 80/11/01
Place of Birth: Saisio III
State Citizen Baseline Service History: State War Academy, Caldari Navy, Corporate Police Force
Employment History: State War Academy, Golden Wind, The Synenose Accord, Ghost Festival, Repracor Industries, Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque, Numbers Inc.
Status: clear

DED Threat Assessment: moderate
Notes: Pilot maintains a history of predominantly passive, lawful engagements and is deemed of limited threat within secured space. The DED does elevate the threat to moderate in light of a cloning facility incident involving the late Pilot J Riddik, the legal destruction of a Procurer owned and operated by Pilot Draco'Dar within Zaimeth, and precipitating events involving Velarra. Beyond the confines of secured space, Velarra has been responsible for the losses of multiple CONCORD and DED vessels deployed into the Curse region.

Nearing the end of YC117, it is noted that a substantial growth in personal security infrastructure has colored much of the last year for this pilot. Within secured Assembly regions and Curse, Velarra has increased her active deployments of security personnel, in addition to seeing to their training and recruitment. Within Curse, a growth in educational institutions, social support services including health, education and cultural development have all been constructed at a near industrial pace of measured yet prolific expansion. Subtle messaging within many of these otherwise progressive institutions unavoidably reference the benefits of Angel Cartel's stabilizing presence within the region as well as the benefits of the friendship some pilots feel toward the Angels, who made anothers' Curse their Heaven.

Reports from Federal sources imply some degree of recent baselining activity. The DED on review, ultimately finds the reported levels and activities to be within levels of acceptable tolerance. As the activity appears to have concluded with the capsuleers' return to the Domain region, the FIO's concerns are duly noted and will inform future considerations if necessary.

Personality Assessment: Stable.

DED Physical Assessment: According to recent clone monitoring, an above baseline standard for capsuleer athletic build and endurance has been noted on medical charts. With the onset of late YC117, respiratory and cardiovascular fitness levels have been brought to an optimal biological peak capacity on account of a regular personal training and customized dietary regimen. An acute increase in general strength, agility, situational awareness alongside endurance, have been active goals achieved. These monitored characteristics now seem to exist as a standard state present in both new clone activation and current clone health.


The following are locations and general background information offered as connections & contexts for contact and by no means intended as yetanother clubbarplace to idle in. Velarra will very likely -not- be found idling in them either. This being said, aside from being a capsuleer Vel has ethical interests, personal and professional. Sharing these are just small windows into the character as much as being possible locations for non-space interactions. Equally, some may never be actively invoked as locations for RP despite items acquired via the contracts system in Jita.

"Nourriture" A restaurant for clients seeking dishes influenced by the multicultural demographics of Curse. In particular the Tranquility constellation. Alcohol is served in limited quantities and at house discretion purely in conjunction with full course meals. The house stocks ample tea reserves and various soft refreshments. Exceptionally prompt and direct transport to and from is provided by InterBus for all who make a dining reservation ahead of time. The management reserves the right of employing ventilation dispersed handwavium-nanite powder to maintain a civil, safe and secure environment for all guests.

- Some evenings Velarra can be found manually preparing and overseeing the production of dishes within the kitchen.


"6484683" A numbered Red Lantern establishment located within the depths of Jita 4-4. It remains indefinitely closed for business despite maintaining a number of registered employees.

- Velarra makes no attempt to overwhelmingly obscure her ties to the business yet neither is it actively advertised in association with her person outside of legal and easily accessible station registered business databases.


Numbers Inc. is known to within baseliner circles maintain a number of general supply outlets, hospices, and veterinary clinics scattered around the Empire and Curse for Slaver hounds. Be it finding homes for the retired, injured or similarly unable to function as utility canines, the slavers are cared for indefinitely or until loving homes can be found for them.

Numbers Inc., is suspected to have limited ties to the Salvation Angels and a growing network of hospitals, medical care facilities and retirement homes for baseline Cartel crew and / or family no longer fit to serve within the organization scattered through out the cluster.

Note, this is not a channel. Merely RP flavor background.


Spoiler:  Pilot Standings (hover to show)

[Likely to be updated, it's an on-going creative process. Feel free to drop comments, queries / suggestions]
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