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Author Topic: Dead Six Initiative - State Mercenaries  (Read 1385 times)

Aelisha Montenagre

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Dead Six Initiative - State Mercenaries
« on: 22 May 2013, 05:19 »

Hello all.  I am Mendov Ishenko of the DEAD6, known to most of you as either Aelisha or Solarienne in EVE.  I have finally taken it upon myself to construct a thread that details our humble organisation, its in game focus and our roleplay aspirations. 

About Us [IC]
The Dead Six Initiative is a loose collection of 2nd generation clone-mercenaries from across the cluster, headed by a compact, organised and State loyal leadership.  Seen in the employ of many different corporations and organisations throughout the cluster, DEAD6 has taken a keen interest in the ongoing CEWPA conflict.  This has resulted in organised squads being dispatched, around the clock, to Imperial and State flash points in both defensive and offensive actions. 

Though politically and militarily loyal to the State first and Empire second, this organisation prizes technological and tactical flexibility.  Drop suit and weapons technology from across the cluster can be found in the hands of these hired guns, ranging from staunch nationalists clad in the very best Caldari battle suits, through gilded and reinforced Amarrian battle plate, to the ever adaptable Minmatar re-purposed hazardous environment suits and sleek Gallentean augmetic combat armour.  Strongly focused squads are a norm, with the benefits of racial technologies fused at the strategic level to form collective efforts capable of laying down a barrage of plasma, electrolazer or projectile fire wherever it is needed. 

To date, collaboration with other politically active State and Empire forces has been limited to ad hoc groupings, with such notable examples as PIE being among our current 'comrades of convenience' on a day by day basis.  Despite having no solid connections with fellow nationalist or allied organisations, the DEAD6 hope to foster these relationships through actions such as the above, inviting or being invited to assist notable, capable mercenaries and their organisations in their theaters of operations. 

Looking Forwards [IC]
Isolation begets destruction.  Inflexibility will lead to a shattering of the very foundations you cling to.  DEAD6 is looking for two things at present:  recruits and allies. 

The CEWPA conflict is the ideal test bed for tactics, weaponry and professional relationships and we intend to use it to our advantage.  We want to share that advantage with those assisting the 24th and SPROT - be they capsuleers or fellow cloned soldiers. 

Recruits are welcome to join ad hoc squads and see what life with the corporation may be like, using our NEOCOM channel 'Dead6 Chat'.  Allies, too, are welcome to join this channel in an effort to communicate, share and grow together.  We have a non-aggressive policy to recruitment; as Caldari patriots to a man in our upper echelons, the virtues of merit work both ways and we expect ourselves to meet your standards as much as we wish you to meet ours.  You may be asked to join if you seem to have no prior affiliation, but only as a commendation on your skill, demeanour or dedication.  We prefer to provide you with the tools and people to support your development in the competitive arena of immortal soldiering, and allow you to ask if you can bring those assets to us - offering a service, not submitting to a contract. 

What sets us apart? [IC]
Words cannot answer this question without proof, so as a representative of this organisation, I offer you the following points that you might validate yourself by working with us on a temporary or ad hoc basis before seeing if we deliver:

  • We offer an environment of capability-gauged combat contracts.  We will not force mercs to develop faster than they are capable of, and cater to those who have significant station-side commitments outside the remit of mercenary work.
  • Professionalism.  A common offering from mercenary corporations and one no one can claim to be best at.  We claim that we conduct ourselves with reasonable understanding, respect and acknowledgement of individual ideas as fodder for discussion and the formalization of military policy.  Your contributions to our professional development will be recognized and cited - your ideas are your merit.
  • Competition.  War is hell and combat fierce.  We aim to make hell feel like a Crystal Boulevard sauna in comparison.  If you have a strong desire to carve a name for yourself in the very surfaces of the worlds we are contracted to defend or assault, we support you.  The only kind war is a short war - and there is no war shorter than a war of decisively dominated battles.

These three critical points are our guarantee.  We will deliver on respect, professionalism and competitiveness.  If we fail on any of these, criticism is the path to meritorious action - inform us and grow us, even if you choose your path to lead away from us. 

To Conclude... [IC]
We are the Dead Six.  State loyal, Empire allied.  Flexible in load out and mind.  If you are considering a career in surface combat, currently under the auspices of the CEWPA conflict, contact us via the Dead6 Chat NEOCOM channel, or mail Lin Alvarin (capsuleer liason), Shyeer (CEO) and/or Mendov Ishenko (Squad Commander - Amarrian Assault specialist). 

Potential allies are urged to inform us of their public channels and/or join ours so that we may foster combined arms cooperation and mutual respect.  Caldari and Amarr nationalists are most welcome. 

Thank you for your time.
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Sakura Nihil

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Re: Dead Six Initiative - State Mercenaries
« Reply #1 on: 22 May 2013, 16:01 »

I take it you are a fan of Command & Conquer? :P

Aelisha Montenagre

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Re: Dead Six Initiative - State Mercenaries
« Reply #2 on: 22 May 2013, 16:14 »

Just a little bit, though the majority of material and the name are Shyeer's inspiration.