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Author Topic: Blueprint for Vikarion's date  (Read 1457 times)

Natalcya Katla

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Blueprint for Vikarion's date
« on: 28 May 2010, 08:01 »

Plans for the Big Day

Phase 1: Preparations

Ruby meets Vik onboard his ship, or stationside. Vik is given a scented bath (Ruby promises not to peek) and gets dressed. Attire for the evening is a white silk shirt, a red velvet suit, a red top hat made of a rubbery material, a pair of red and white dancing shoes, and a pair of white kidskin gloves. Ruby makes sure Vik is properly perfumed, rubs his hair in with pomade, and combs it back. Looking over Vik's shoulder as he stands in front of the mirror, Ruby gives him a big smile and a reassuring kiss on the cheek, and announces that he is now "gorgeous". Vik is handed a colorful but modestly-sized bouquet of flowers and a small but expensive box of chocolates, and has his picture taken before leaving. The stubble remains intact, as per the agreement.

Phase 2: Dinner

Vik arrives ten minutes early. The restaurant has been moved for the evening into one of the station greenhouses, which has been rearranged into an Achuran-style rock garden. The stars and nearby planet shine in through the greenhouse panels. Vik is led to a table next to a large pool with big water lilies floating around. A cute little drone in the shape of a dragon is flitting around above the pool, lighting tiny candles hidden inside the flowers with its fiery breath, and sometimes perching on the floating leaves.
Taisa arrives. Dinner is ordered, and wine is served. Small talk will follow. Ruby will listen/watch in by means of a microphone and camera in the little drone dragon, and help/prod Vik via internal neocomm if (she thinks) he needs it.

Phase 3: Stroll

Vik will take Taisa on a stroll through the garden. Hopefully, the wine will have made them both more at ease, less inhibited. Mysteriously, there will be soft violin music coming from the rocks all around them, and there will be a secluded glade perfect for dancing. Ruby will prod Vik over neocomm to ask Taisa to dance. Resistance will only make her prod harder. It is a waltz. As the dance finishes, they'll notice a light display outside, as a formation of drones form a webby pattern of colored light beams between each other. After a while, one by one, the drones explode in a brilliant and colorful fireworks display. The drone dragon will land on Taisa's shoulder and nuzzle her cheek. If she likes drone dragons, she'll be charmed. If not, Vik can impress her by being a hero and shooing it away.

Phase 4: The stroke of midnight

Hopefully, the night went well. Vik must offer to follow Taisa home, even fly her home if she lives at a different station. If she invites him inside, he should decline politely, but insist on seeing her again. If she looks up at him with a soft smile, she wants to be kissed. Kiss her, Vik, kiss her! *Prod, prod* Then promise to call her really soon.

Phase 5: Girls just wanna have fun

If everything went (reasonably) well on Vik's date, there will be a secret late-night party at Ruby's place, with all the Sansha girls invited. Well, except Katla. They will drink champagne, jump up and down on the couch, have a big pillow fight, and watch the recording of Vik's date. They will all agree he's looking really handsome, comment on how well he and Taisa fit together, and admire the way his hat wobbles.

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