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Author Topic: [Character] Templar Twelve  (Read 1030 times)

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[Character] Templar Twelve
« on: 08 Feb 2014, 19:15 »

CONCORD DED Public Templar Datasheet

Name: Redacted *
Callsign: Templar Twelve, T12
Age: Redacted *
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Hairstyle: Shaved
Eyecolor: Dark Green
Place Of Birth: Throne Worlds, Oris (Amarr VIII)
Race: True Amarr
Occupation: PIE Ground Forces - Palatinus of the Praetoriani Classiarii Templares [PCLAS]. Librarian and keeper of the Praetorian Temple Library.
Languages: Amarrad
Service Record: Redacted *
Known Affiliations: Amarr Templars, Royal Uhlans and PIE

* Imperial government has concealed this from unauthorized view - Reason: censor but do not destroy

Public Information
'Twelve' is the number of a Templar within the PIE ground forces, Praetoriani Classiarii Templares. The number is said to derive from the second Templar program, initiated by the Emperor Family between the first and second generation immortal soldiers that led to the creation of the Amarr Templars, briefly after the operational events that occured on Amamake II at Pikes Landing.
Templar Twelve was later commissioned to work for the Royal Uhlans and help train the Uhlan mechanized infantry regiment, along with other immortals, testing their abilities against regular troops.
Present day, only available records shows that Templar Twelve faithfully has been serving the PCLAS order under PIE banner since its creation, often to be found on their official temple complex on Myyhera IV, tending to the eternal fires of their Faith.

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