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That the Intaki Liberation Front's "rampant griffin" corp logo was adopted after the pro-Federation corp The Durandal Organization created a logo using motifs similar to the ILF's original logo?

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Author Topic: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0  (Read 12013 times)

Morwen Lagann

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RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« on: 29 Dec 2013, 08:47 »

List Last Updated: 2014/12/07

General / Neutral / No Affiliation
- Alexylva Paradox [ALXVP]
- Repracor Industries [RPCIN]
- Stormcrows [FL0CK]
Amarr Empire
- Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris <PIE>
  - PIE Inc. [PIE]
  - Praetorian Auxiliary Force [PAUX]
  - Praetoriani Classiarii Templares [PCLAS]
- Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
Caldari State
- The Fourth District <4TH> (Caldari Navy)
  - Caldari Independent Navy Reserve [CAIN]
- Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive <I-RED> (Ishukone)
  - Priano Trans-Stellar State Services [PRIAN]
  - Revenent Defence Corperation [R.D.C]
- Pyre Falcon Defence Combine <DUTY> (Patriots)
Gallente Federation
- Institute of Social Development [ISODE]
- Reclamation Technologies [RECLT]
Minmatar Republic
- Clan Ogunkoya [OGUN] (Republican)
- Masuat'aa Matari [-MM-] (Ushra'Khan)
Pirate / Outlaw
- Clan Katanga Caravan [KTNGA] (Thukker)
- Coreli Corporation (Serpentis)
- Stillwater Corporation [WHIST] (Angel Cartel)
Other Factions
- Intaki Prosperity Initiative <IPI> (Intaki separatists)
  - Intaki Liberation Front [IL]
- Hong's Harriers [HONGS] (Mordu's Legion)

If your corp is recruiting, please have your CEO, a director, or a recruiter fill out the following information and post in this thread (one post per corp, so feel free to post a couple times in a row if necessary). Things marked with a * are optional but encouraged:

Name: The name of your corporation.
Alliance*: If your corp belongs to an alliance, please include its name here. Otherwise this field can be skipped.
Faction: Be as specific as you like. If you're neutral or unaffiliated with any corp/faction, that's okay!
Short Description: A quick description of your corporation. Brief preferably, but if you have a longer thing somewhere, feel free to put a link here instead.
Recruitment Status: Open/Limited/whatever - if you're not recruiting, you probably don't need to post here, but if you intend to later and want to save some time feel free!
Focus*: Your corp's primary ingame focus as far as gameplay goes. PVP, PVE, FW, nullsec, w-space, etc.!
Immersion Level*: How deep a level of immersion does your corp usually go for? Are you RP-lite/optional? Heavy? Full immersionist?
Leadership: Include at least the CEO's name here - if you want to list directors as well that is fine!
Points of Contact: If people are interested in talking to someone about your corp, besides the above, who should they contact?
Recruitment Thread*: If you have a recruitment thread, either on Backstage or the official EVE forums, link it here.
Additional Info*: Anything else that you want to include. Websites, ingame channels (feel free to post in and link to the channel thread if you like), etc.

Please try to keep the information for your corp(s) up to date. I would like to avoid having to update the information for you unless the person who posted the information is no longer in a position where they would still be responsible for it. (If that is the case, please post an updated version as needed and I will delete/catacomb the older version.) If your corp is being closed or is halting recruitment, please edit your post to say so.

For easy formatting, just grab the template from this code block.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] Corp name here.
[b]Alliance:[/b] If you're part of an alliance, put its name here. Otherwise, remove this line.
[b]Faction:[/b] What faction(s)
[b]Short Description:[/b] [list][li]Quick description of your corp.[/li][/list]
[b]Recruitment Status:[/b] Open/Closed/Limited/etc.
[b]Focus:[/b] The corp's focus in terms of gameplay here.
[b]Immersion Level:[/b] How hardcore is your arpee?
[b]Leadership:[/b] CEO and maybe directors here.
[b]Points of Contact:[/b] Who people should poke to talk about recruitment.
[b]Recruitment Thread[/b]: Link your Backstage and/or EVE-O recruitment threads.
[b]Additional Info:[/b] [list][li]Anything else, like websites...[/li]
[li]ingame channels...[/li]
[li]or other stuff![/li][/list]

An example using a joke altcorp of mine:

Name: Both Hands on the Keyboard at All Times [NOFAP]
Alliance: Suddenly Skadis (possibly Soon™?)
Faction: None (altcorp)
Short Description: Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Look at the corp name and guess.
Immersion Level: So hardcore immersionist we need to call it diamondcore.
Leadership: Ophelia Kiselouvre
Points of Contact: See above
Recruitment Thread: None
Additional Info:
  • Anything else, like websites...
  • ingame channels...
  • or other stuff!
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Nicoletta Mithra

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #1 on: 29 Dec 2013, 10:28 »


Name: Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
Faction: Amarr
Short Description:
  • The Imperial Society of Scepter and Crown is a community of individuals with common goals. We are bound togehter by our passion for casual PvE and roleplaying that is determined by loyalty to God and Greater Amarr. It is no place for those with unbridled aggression, a thirst for kills and blood. We want to enjoy the calmer aspects of the game and simply have a good time, relax and have fun RPing - together.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Casual PvE
Immersion Level: Casual and up
  • CEO: Nicoletta Mithra
  • Directors: Lunarisse Aspenstar, Lucas Raholan
Points of Contact: Nicoletta Mithra, Lunarisse Aspenstar
Recruitment Thread: Apply now!
Additional Info: Ingame channel:The Good Word
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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #2 on: 29 Dec 2013, 11:23 »

Not to clutter the thread with off topic stuff, but I'd like to point out that the "Amarrian yellow" text is completely unreadable if you're using the white page theme.

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Katrina Oniseki

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #3 on: 29 Dec 2013, 11:28 »

Name: Revenent Defence Corperation [R.D.C]
Alliance: Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED]
Faction: Caldari State, Ishukone
Short Description:
  • A poorly spelled executor corporation of I-RED We do Liberal Ishukone things and make lots of ISK. We also enjoy dunking non roleplayers, generally being bad at the game, and having a unique Cult of John.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Nullsec PvP & Industry
Immersion Level: Lite RP
  • CEO - John Revenent
  • COO - Katrina Oniseki
Points of Contact: Katrina Oniseki, John Revenent
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info: We live in Syndicate. You're expected to at least have a jump clone down there too. PvP training, ship reimbursement, and industrial opportunities available. Paying positions available. OOC in Corp and Alliance Chat. Must pay lip service to Ishukone.
  • I-RED Lounge is our RP channel.
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Sakaane Eionell

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #4 on: 29 Dec 2013, 13:45 »

Name: Intaki Liberation Front [IL] (but we always say [ILF])
Alliance: Intaki Prosperity Initiative [IPI]
Faction: Intaki separatists. No loyalty to any New Eden empire.
Short Description:
  • Intaki separatists lobbying politically for peaceful secession of the Intaki sovereignty (an area of space) from the Gallente Federation. All law-abiding inhabitants of the sov are welcome to remain in it after secession regardless of race/heritage/bloodline. Those who do not wish to remain will be free to leave.
Recruitment Status: Open for DUST and EVE.
  • Anti-pirate, anti-drug.
  • Solo and small gang PVP. NBSI.
  • Support of the Intaki sov economy via industry and market activities like the Intaki and Agoze trade hubs.
  • Various PVE activities.
Immersion Level: Lite RP with expectations that certain channels are always IC. Most RP takes place on forums and blogs. Characters should have believable secessionist motivations.
  • Suresha (CEO): Sakaane Eionell
  • Mahesha (Second in Command): Bataav
  • Isha-Dravya (Leader of Commerce): Erun Talan
  • Isha-Sainika (Leader of Security): Daniel Alpena
Points of Contact: See Leadership above.
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info:
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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #5 on: 29 Dec 2013, 15:28 »

Name: Stormcrows
Faction: Officially Unaffiliated
Short Description:
  • Non Factional RP corp. We are exploring ideas and theories surrounding capsuleerhood.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Combat focus with the idea of trying new things and having adventures to write about. There is also a industrial side, for those brave carebears with teeth.
Immersion Level: RP is encouraged. Our goals are for the most part, IC, though corp chat is OOC.
Leadership: Jude Kopenhagen (CEOish)
Points of Contact: Kohiko Sun, Jude Kopenhagen
Recruitment Thread: -
Additional Info:
  • Stormcrows (OOC chat), Lock, Stock & Barrel (IC Bar)
  • We are a collective that want to explore the things that we enjoy as a group in Eve. Much of what we do is built around creating such content for each other, and sometimes drawing other groups in as well.
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Laria Raven

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #6 on: 30 Dec 2013, 05:04 »

Name: Stillwater Corporation (WHIST)
Faction: Angel Cartel.
Short Description:
  • Cartel Aligned RP corp
  • PvP and PvE wings
  • Unique position and reputation in game.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: We have PvP and Industrial/PvE activities ongoing. We ask that members pick one as their primary, but that doesn't in any way mean you can't do the other, just that we can give you appropriate and cool Angel titles.
Immersion Level: RP Optional. We are OOC in corp chat and teamspeak, IC in IC channels.
Leadership: CEO: Leopold Caine. Laria Raven. Sasihyia Aecilias, Sarcomata. LadyZelda.
Points of Contact: Join Stillwater channel in game, talk to Leo, me, Sasi or LZ.
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info:
  • ingame channels... Stillwater (OOC) and Ivory Tower Public (IC Venue)
  • Our website
  • Our "Cherub" program is an informal (and occasionally haphazard) PvP training program.
  • We are low-sec space businessmen, not mad pirates who shoot anything that moves(1)

(1) Except for those of us who are mad pirates who shoot anything that moves.
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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #7 on: 30 Dec 2013, 08:37 »

Name: Pyre Falcon Defence Combine
Faction: Caldari State; Patriots
Short Description:
  • Lowsec/FW small gang PvP corp
  • RP orientation suitable for Patriots and Mercs alike
  • We're the ones who get shit done - don't expect tea parties
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Pyre Falcon is both comprised of roleplayers and non-roleplayers, the glue that holds this ragged band of dicks together is having fun in low-sec, always on the prowl for yet another kill or skirmish. While our level of growth is slow yet stable, and the step up to cruisers is within reach, we still focus mostly on frigates and destroyers which are cheap to fit, loose and offer the most flexibility and mobility within our given scope of operations (lowsec/FW). Roleplaying wise every caldari patriot or merc type should fit in easily, as our RP activities seem to be mostly centered around what we do in-game, which is thriving in a world of violence and corporate espionage as corporate mercenaries and deniable assets.
Immersion Level: We have players that don't RP at all, and players that are very active and hardcore - if a lot of fights are happening RP tends to be on the more casual side.
Leadership: Veikitamo Gesakaarin; Desiderya
Points of Contact: Pieter Tuulinen; Anja Suorsa
Recruitment Thread: Dat thread
Additional Info: Channels:
  • #KaalakiotaSwag (OOC),
  • PFDC Echelon White (IC semi-public),
  • PFDC Echelon Black (IC internal),
  • The Falcon's Rook (IC, physical, most times set internal)
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Demion Samenel

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #8 on: 30 Dec 2013, 12:55 »

Name: Caldari Indepenent Navy Reserve [CAIN]
Alliance: Fourth District [4TH]
Faction: Caldari State, Caldari Navy.
Short Description:
  • The Caldari Independent Navy Reserve is a capsuleer paramilitary organization founded in YC107 to aid the Caldari Navy in defense of the State and its people. The Reserve has since worked to secure State interests beyond the borders of Caldari space while remaining loyal to the CEP and the Caldari way of life.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: CAIN is a combat organization with a focus on sub-capital, high-mobility fleets and tactics. Its primary missions are defense of the Fourth District and reconnaissance-in-force into hostile territories. CAIN follows NRDS and anti-pirate rules of engagement in Empire space, Providence, and related sectors.
Immersion Level: RP Lite, more of a guidning force. 
  • Trony (CEO)
  • Ladel Teravada
  • Tyyne Kerttu(Recruitment)
  • Demion Samenel(Diplomat)
Points of Contact: Tyyne Kerttu, Turelus, Demion Samenel.
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info:

  • 4THCOM (Alliance OOC)

Saede Riordan

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #9 on: 31 Dec 2013, 07:19 »

Name: Alexylva Paradox
Faction: Independent
Short Description:
  • Wormhole exploration corporation, focusing on transhuman themes, models of society SF exploration and mystery, and building a new utopian civilization beyond the boundaries of the Empires.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: We are an active corporation based in C2 wormhole space, offering small-gang pvp, sleeper site running, exploration, roleplay, and a growing industrial infrastructure. We take roleplayers and non. Our roleplay focus includes themes of colonization, systemwide worldbuilding, utopianism, and transhumanism.
Immersion Level:RP is optional, though encouraged, corp mandates, goals, and policy are decided in character.
  • Saede Riordan
  • Streya Jormagdnir
  • Anatole Madullier
  • Xaiylia Laroux
Points of Contact: Saede Riordan or Streya Jormagdnir
Recruitment Thread: Recruitment Thread
Additional Info: Channels:
  • Out of character chat: H+
  • In character chat: Human+
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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #10 on: 31 Dec 2013, 15:23 »

Name: Reclamation Technologie.
Faction: Gallente Federation.

Short Description:
  • We cover a broad range of activities, from deployment of small gangs in combat scenarios to raw materials extraction, missioning, limited exploration and light manufacturing.
Recruitment Status: Open.
Focus:High to Low Sec PVE & Industry.
Immersion Level: Lite RP with expectations related to certain channels and events.

  • Central Executive Officer: Etienne Saissore
  • Strategic Officer: Alain Colcer
  • Diplomatic Officer: Ailer Stane

Points of Contact:
  • Etienne Saissore
  • Alain Colcer
  • Kazha Cavin-Guang
  • Ailer Stane

Channel Info:
  • Gallente Lounge
  • WNWN2
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Laurentis Thiesant

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #11 on: 03 Jan 2014, 03:13 »

Name: Institute of Social Development
Faction: Gallente Federation
Short Description:
  • The Institute of Social Development is a Gallentean lobbyist organisation devoted to promoting Federal policy with a focus on the political change vital to the growth of human potential across Gallente space. The Institute actively works to develop, procure, and produce the technologies that it believes will drive the Federation into the future.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: Casual PvE, Industrial
Immersion Level: Medium/Heavy
Leadership: Laurentis Thiesant.
Points of Contact: As above.
Additional Info:
  • IC Channel: Social Development Network
  • OOC Channel: ISODE
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Arnulf Ogunkoya

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #12 on: 06 Jan 2014, 17:23 »

Name: Clan Ogunkoya
Faction: Minmatar, Republican.
Short Description:
  • Founded by veteran Fleet Marines Captain Jero Ogunkoya this, recently created, clan of the Brutor tribe is a clan for the previously clanless. This capsuleer and trooper affiliate is currently populated by his sons. The clan is fairly open in who it will accept, asking only that a candidate have some clear link with the Republic's military. Non Matari applicants would have to make a very convincing argument.
Recruitment Status: Limited.
Focus: Casual PvE, some militia work if enough people show interest. No piracy, NRDS rules of engagement. Trigger happy types need not apply.
Immersion Level: Full. Corp channel is IC. If people show an interest an OOC side channel will be set up.
Leadership: CEO is Asvard Ogunkoya (half brother of Arnulf). Arnulf is a member of the corporation, but currently has no executive powers.
Points of Contact: Contact Asvard if you are interested.
Recruitment Thread: Backstage recruitment thread.
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Gaven Lok ri

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #13 on: 08 Jan 2014, 00:56 »

Name: PIE Inc
Alliance: Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (A shell alliance for different branches of PIE Inc)
Faction: Amarr
Short Description:
  • PIE inc is the oldest active Amarrian corporation in EVE and is on its tenth year. It serves the Amarr Empire and specifically the office of Emperor. It is military focused group for the most part, specializing in faction warfare combat in Amarrian vessels. The PIE alliance includes: PIE inc, the flagship corp for Amarrians only. The Praetorian Auxilliary Force, a corp for Non-Amarrian Amarr loyalists and for special case Caldari exchange pilots. Praetoriani Classiari Templares, a corporation for Amarr loyalist dust players of all races.
Recruitment Status: Open.
Focus: Faction Warfare, Dust Faction Warfare, Amarr Emperor Loyalist
Immersion Level: Medium. Many players RP through actions rather than roleplay channels. Corp chat is IC, Alliance chat is OOC. There are channels available for RP with members of other the other corps in the alliance.
Leadership: Gaven Lok'ri
Points of Contact:
Diplomacy: Zelarrs Elkoth
Recruitment: Aethion Mirra
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info:
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Hong WeiLoh

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Re: RP Corps and Alliances List 2.0
« Reply #14 on: 12 Jan 2014, 21:14 »

Name: Hong's Harriers
Alliance: None
Faction: Mordu's Legion
Short Description: A Capsuleer-Company of Mordu's Legion returns home to Intaki. Hilarty occasionally ensues. More hilarity will ensue when said Company attempts to establish a beachhead in Outer Ring. Think: the Black Company meets Hogan's Heroes (original name idea was Hong's Heroes, but that was cheesy; I really like the double-entendre of "Harrier" as a bird of prey, and those who fight "harassing" military actions), with occasional dashes of Rogers' Rangers (the "unconventional warfare" predecessors to the modern day 75th Ranger Regiment) for flavor.
Recruitment Status: Wide open. As "The Company is Home" is the rule of law for us, there is a more gradual and detailed recruitment process than the typical interview -- API key -- application -- keys to All The Things(tm)
Focus: Up-engaged solo and small gang PvP. Exploration in hostile space. Basically those things that Mordu's Legion is well-known-for in the EVE books and other Lore. That's us.
Immersion Level: RP-lite. We act in-line with the general ideals of the Legion, but our "RP" is pretty much strictly in-game via our actions. That's not to say you can't go write forum-posts here or on IGS out the wazoo, if that's your thing go for it, but what really counts and matters to me is in-game. I realize thanks to the new TOS that claiming direct "affiliation" with an NPC sub-faction is an offense now, but we will continue to honor the Legion and act within its story as much as the new rules will allow.
Leadership: Hong WeiLoh, Captain and Company Commander
Points of Contact: see above
Recruitment Thread:
Additional Info:
  • TS server is available, mandatory for PvP ops
  • In-game channel: -Harry-
  • ROE: is a modified and tweaked NBSI: we don't shoot neutral carebears or blues. Anyone else with negative standings, appearing hostile, or otherwise "up to no good" is subject to engagement.
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