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Author Topic: [SFRIM] Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque open for recruitment!  (Read 12402 times)

Lunarisse Aspenstar

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Updated Recruitment FAQ!

What is [SFRIM] all about?

The Imperial Society of Scepter and Crown is a fellowship of individuals, both veterans and new pilots, with common goals bound together by our Faith and Loyalty to God and Greater Amarr.* It was founded by a group of pilots that are veterans as well as those new to the trade.

Our aim is to keep building a growing community of individuals with common goals (outlined in the Mission Statement and Aims & Objectives). Pilots work together for the good of Greater Amarr and the Corporation - not because they are ordered to do so but out of a sense of camaraderie, friendship and loyalty.

*While a limited number of others who fit a specific need for the Society are welcome (e.g. our Legionaire Program for anti-Drifter Ops or our Industrial Program for miners or other roles not easily filled from the ranks of Empire capsuleers), they must agree not to publicly disparage the Faith or the Empire and to follow Empire’s laws while with the Society.

What can [SFRIM] offer?

We are Amarr Empire Capsuleer corporation based in high and low security space in the Empire. 

A community to engage in mission running, drifter incursions, exploration, mining, industry and pod versus pod combat with others, getting advice and a helping hand.

We have a variety of offices (including citadels) providing access to a range of the foregoing activities in High Security, Low Security and Null Security Space.  We have negotiated blues with CVA permitting access to Providence, its stations and channels (voice and text).

We run regularly scheduled operations against the Drifters once or twice a week in conjuction with like-minded capsuleers comprising the Arataka Research Consortium (ARC).

We have an “industry program” rewarding Society members who contribute to the economic well being of the Society.

We have capable fleet commanders willing to assist with mission running, drifter incursions and pod versus pod combat and teaching new pilots.

What does [SFRIM] look for?

Pilots loyal to God (as per Amarrian religion) and Greater Amarr.*

Pilots that are not fundamentalist religious nutcase-fanatics.  While not abolitionist, we seek to first pursue avenues of Reclaiming that involve persuasion and example to change Hearts and Minds. 

Pilots that are not racists.  While the True Amarr may be God’s chosen, and therefore, have a head start, we believe that all of the Faithful are equal before God
How Can I Apply?

You can apply via neocomm mail to both Lunarisse Aspenstar (CEO) and Bel Boma (Recruiter).

Mission Statement

[SFRIM]'s main focus will be fighting internal threats to Greater Amarr and strengthening it from within as well as fostering good relations to it's allies. The definition of Greater Amarr includes  the Empire, Mandate and Kingdom united under God and His mouthpiece the  legitimate Empress, our Scriptures, our traditions and way of life. It does extend through this to what is commonly called "Greater Amarr". Internal include Drifters, heretics, common pirates (also dubbed 'rats) and illegal activities of foreign powers and capsulers within the Empire's borders (high and low security space and systems controlled by Empire constituents, such as CVA in Providence).  [SFRIM] will in this regard mainly operate as servitor of the Empire in the form of it's and it's various institution's agents. Strengthening the Empire from within can take a variety of shapes, like supporting trade, industry as well as research within the Empire (and allied nations) and engaging in activities in space.

Aims and Objectives

We will uphold our Scriptures and traditions and aim to spread the word through example and teaching.

We will use our vocations as capsuleers to fight internal threats to Greater Amarr and strengthening it from within as well as fostering good relations to it's allies.

The word of our God is law and we will uphold the word of God as revealed by the Empress as Her mouthpiece in the mortal world.

We will act with honor and dignity at all times, in victory and in defeat.

Policy on Reclaiming

At all times, we, the Faithful are called to witness for the Faith. Admittedly there are many ways to Reclaim as the history of the Amarr show and as necessity and circumstances dictates.

The Society itself has a mission to educate the Cluster at large as to what it means to be Amarr and of the Faith, and not what lurid gallente holo flicks or Matari propaganda might wish people to think, through example and teaching.

Policy On Slaves

Emperor Heideran VII stated that slaves must be treated fairly, a sentiment our current Empress shares. The justification of slavery lies with teaching the slaves the ways of God and bringing them fully into the fold. We must therefore treat slaves fairly and aim to educate them so that they can be brought fully into the fold. If we do not, we go against the word of God.

[SFRIM] members are free to keep and trade slaves, within the bounds of their status by Amarrian law. Slaves are to be treated fairly and not be murdered in cold blood or otherwise mistreated. There is no rational reason for such behavior, punishments according to the crimes of a slave are of course permitted.

OOC: SFRIM is a roleplay driven corporation bound together by our passion for casual PvE, PvP within our RoE, and roleplaying that is determined by or in the context of our corporation's loyalty to God and Greater Amarr.

We welcome roleplayers from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

All activities, whether in space or chat, are optional and are not mandatory.  We have a RoE and are NRDS.  Consequently, the Society is no place for those with unbridled aggression, a thirst for kills and blood. We want to enjoy the calmer aspects of the game and simply have a good time, relax and have fun RPing and flying in space together.

Roleplay can be casual or arc-driven, and there are opportunities for both in the Society.

We have Slack channels in Tweetfleet and a forum to coordinate OOG and share IG experiences.  We also have a series of channels comprising our “office” to allow for private and casual roleplay, as well as more public chat channels and venues that are hosted by various of our members (e.g. “The Good Word” chat, “The Holy Grape” bar and restaurant in Amarr, “Bel’s Icecream Emporium” at locations TBD, etc.).
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