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Alexylva Paradox Recruiting for Wormhole Space Adventures

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Saede Riordan:

Applied Science? All science is applied. Eventually.
- Hilen Tukoss. Program Director, Otosela Neuropsychology Center.

New Worlds Await...
Alexylva Paradox is recruiting! We are a small but highly active corporation based in C2 wormhole space, offering small-gang pvp (system defence and raiding other wormholes), Sleeper runs, and a growing industrial infrastructure. There's more money to be made out here than there are people to make it, so join us!

We are an RP corporation, focusing on transhuman themes, models of society SF exploration and mystery, and building a new utopian civilization beyond the boundaries of the Empire. We will take non-roleplayers and roleplayers alike, though non-roleplayers still have to follow corp mandates set in character, and tolerate roleplay within the corporation. 

Who Do We Want?
PvP-positive players: You don't need to be an accomplished killer, just willing to learn and willing to fight. W-space is not friendly – and the best friends you'll make out here will start as targets.

Battlecruiser & Battleship skills: Smaller ships have a role to play in wormhole space, but battlecruisers are a minimal requirement for participating in Sleeper hunts, which are a prime money-making activity.

Scanning Skills: In a wormhole, you live or die by your ability to scan your way home. Basic knowledge of core scanner probes is a necessity.

We are open to a wide variety of both RP character backgrounds and skill levels!

Who We Are
Alexylva Paradox was founded in YC114 by Saede Riordan, and its k-space operations were initially based in The Citadel, where the corporation established a sprawling research complex in the Suroken system. Shunning publicity, the Paradox corporation had early links to the Angel Cartel and was flagged as a mid- to high-threat entity by CONCORD – but no evidence of illegal activity was ever tied to the corporations' flagship laboratories.

As the Suroken laboratory complex grew, so did Paradox's ambitions. Funnelling money laundered through the Jita markets into shadowy projects involving artificial intelligence, cybernetic enhancements, and advanced planetary terraforming, Riordan and her allies soon set their sights on territory unrestricted by the laws and politics of Empyrean space. Since January of YC115 they have been progressively moving their operations out of Suroken into unknown regions of space, shuttling huge volumes of equipment off the grid.

Select images and data-files made available to potential new partners in k-space reveal that they have now colonized a large star system in w-space featuring multiple human-habitable planets, with room for millions of colonists and dozens of starbases. A growing fleet of battleships and strategic cruisers guards the corporation's valued secrecy well, hunting and dispatching any uninvited visitors.

What We Offer
-Highly active directorship in the US and UK Tzs
-Good quality Planetary Interaction opportunities and corporation POCOs
-Ship, module, and ammo bank.
-Easy access to hi-security markets
-Regular ops upwards into C4 space for both PvE and PvP.

Visit our website to apply today or contact Saede Riordan, Streya Jormagdnir, or Anatole Madullier for Q&A.


--- Quote ----Highly active directorship in the US and UK Tzs
--- End quote ---
Just off work and bleary eyed, I read the above as "Highly active dictatorship."

If not for running an alliance right now, I'd still join.  Shady, Shady, Shady.. if only you'd replied to my "Who's gonna hire me" thread :p

Anyway, good group of people, really have their shit together.  Me and my Vigilant happen to be in their wormhole at the time that I post this, in fact.  o7

Naraish Adarn:
We got cake :) its not a lie thou it might be pineapple flavored

Anatole Madullier:
I was really really trusting and quite naive when I first met ALXVP, I flew a little incurus out there into w-space without even a probe launcher on there simply to come and say hi.

Well, one thing lead to the other, and here I am! Seriously enjoying life in a wormhole which is quite different from anything in EVE I am used to really. As a total noob I was brought in and now still quite a new character all in all I settled in nicely.

Come and say hi in the H+ channel for OOC talk, or Human+ for in character talk!

Saede Riordan:
So, we're starting to get into some seriously heavy worldbuilding out here. We have plans, huge plans.

So if you've ever wanted to be part of forming your own nation-state, this might be a great opportunity.


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