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Author Topic: Hello and some questions, if I may  (Read 2 times)


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Hello and some questions, if I may
« on: Today at 05:33 AM »

(NB - TL:DR at bottom of post  ;) )

I have been introduced to EvE by a friend who also recommended I join this forum since I hope to do some RP in the game. I ran an Alpha clone for a while to get the hang of things, and have now gone Omega. I've started a new character for the long term (since my original choice didn't fit with what I have learned) but would like some experienced eyes to advise me if the character is ill-conceived - and how corporation history affects RP perceptions (i.e. balancing IC motivations with the need to actually learn and have fun in the game).

I wanted to have a little difference in my choice but not be too disruptive. One thing that both appeals and is very clear from my reading is that EvE is not about heroes, and certainly no-one is the ‘grand central story’ (unless perhaps, earning that status over years). I liked the Minmatar style but was also fascinated by the challenges of the Amarr - as it appears, are many people, since Caldari and Amarr seem to have the biggest RP groups (at least to my reading so far). For the game, I’m keen to focus on learning to be good at one or two things, rather than go wild with trying to fly say, battleships really badly. I like the fast pace of frigates, and very much enjoy tackle in PvP fleets. (I’m aware that as my experience grows, so might my preferences, so the character needs to have some development room).

So, my conception, as written in the character biography (hopefully, someone can correct any errors of lore):
Certifcate of Licet Libertas issued by Ministry of Internal Order, Bazadod IX
Certificate N0-83455/AF/INT/BAR-4-23-23XX/Bafa

Item Name: Batachikan

Condition: Slave in the Holding of the Abbey of the Purified Heart, Island of Iscan, Sadana V

Service: Approved for military duties by order of His Eminence the Abbot Palatine, and true faithfulness warranted thereby.
[MIO NB: Transneural passkey abort codes held jointly by His Eminence and the Inquisitor General, Aridia.]

Status: Gunnery Sergeant of 1st Sandman Squad, 17th Recon Battalion, Justice Marines; assigned to Imperial Frontier Guard Ship Catechism’s Choice. 
Recommended for capsuleer training after random Alpha testing, duly approved by His Eminence. 
Presently assigned to further Sandman missions with licence to retire runners wherever found. MIO requests and requires due co-operation to be forthcoming.

Imprimatur of the Holy Office, YC118
"By His Light, and His Will"

To explain further, I see him as a faithful slave originally tasked with the elimination of runaways that have committed crimes (or simply judged as not suitable for retiring to their masters). He is loyal to the Abbot and monastery that raised him within their breeding program. Beyond a simple, catechistic faith that is not theologically motivated, but deeply part of his upbringing (i.e. I don’t want him to indulge in theology but to exemplify his own personal faith which is duty and service to his Abbot - who is effectively his voice of God). His work as part of the so-called ‘Sandmen’ (Logan’s Run reference, of course) is considered beneath the honour of Amarr military personnel, so slaves are expected to do it. (I conceive that runaways have always been subject to either capture or execution in all slave owning societies. I’ve also noticed that the tendency seems to be for many to shy away from the real implications of a slave based empire, which is fine, but I would like to explore some of the real brutality needed to keep an entire people in chains, as well as being interested in the idea of religious service as redemption being the counterpoint). It was tempting to make him a Kameira (as that Chronicle was fascinating, and the janissary angle was really thought provoking) but it seemed too 'special snowflake'.

With the lore for Alpha clones, it seems to me that there is a case for saying massive testing of previously excluded groups has been undertaken in all empires (especially with the Drifter threat needing greater resources) and that certain slave groups might have been included. This is one area I have not been able to definitively nail down - whether a slave would be trained as a capsuleer. In this time of emergence, I have argued (to myself) that a slave whose loyalty and faith is both demonstrated by his service, and certified by his holder, might be so elevated. In addition, I would expect the codes to control the transneural transfer could be held, as above, by competent authorities, and thus his ability to clone be terminated at any time. This, I think, might make it possible to have a slave capsuleer.

As a capsuleer then, his duties would be extended to hunting runners (and other ordered missions) in all areas of space that would not cause diplomatic incidents.

Now, to the issues of corporation. It seems that there are very limited numbers of RP corporations, which is fine. I also want to learn the game, and enjoy myself. My Alpha spent some little time in Pandemic Horde, which is a very enjoyable place to learn the game for me, and I’d like to spend some time there. My IC rationale would be that he is sent ‘among the heathen’ to both develop his military skills (for the long term benefit of the Empire and the Abbey) and to hunt runners who have hidden in null-sec (note runaways are not going to be capsuleers, but baseliners, so no issues with killing other players). Would this be too much of a fudge? I didn’t really enjoy the faction warfare experience (though I have joined him into the Amarr FW corp temporarily, mainly to offset the unavoidable issue of his starting NPC corp being Minmatar) so I might try that when more experienced, but not now. Gaming wise, being out in null seems to provide opportunities to make decent isk for PvP, which will be important to enjoy the game. So, will I be compromising the RP too far by joining Horde?

I guess that’s a big wall of text, so I’ll put a TL:DR:
Proposed character as a combination of Silas from The Da Vinci Code and Francis from Logan’s Run. Can a slave be a capsuleer? Is joining Pandemic Horde a non-starter for an RP history?

Thank you in advance for insights, guidance or even being told this is a dumb idea with too may plot holes.