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Did you know:

That Zegerth Kelja is the eccentric Sansha Underseer of True Slave Foundations?

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Author Topic: "Did You Know..." Public Submission Thread  (Read 24039 times)


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Re: "Did You Know..." Public Submission Thread
« Reply #120 on: 26 Nov 2017, 00:27 »

So, here's a list of outdated links and the new links!

I have jabbed Silver Night with a mildly pointy stick and he's updating the Did You Knows, so this is for that!

I mostly used the wayback machine(hence the no archives section) to get what was originally linked to since CCP have a fetish for breaking links.

If you notice any that aren't updated/mentioned her, please also post it. Also if I have any that are wrong, please correct me.


"Did you know:Egonics inc. makes a headset called an Egone that broadcasts music directly into a wearer's brain?"

"Did you know:All male members of the Ardishapur family traditionally have their right hand amputated? See why you don't make the Emperor's mother angry."

"Did you know:Rogue Drones are drones that operate outside of human control, pursuing some mysterious goal of their own?"

"Did you know:that the Minmatar military specifically recruits hardened criminals for service in its elite Valklear units, and that many of the Republic's most senior officers were originally recruited in this way?"

"Did you know:Fedos are spongy creatures about the size of a cat that smell horrible and are sometimes used for waste disposal on ships? More here!"

"Did you know:That travelling to planets takes quite a long time?  For more, read here."

"Did you know:That not all slaves are subjected to the Vitoc treatment?  Read more about the Vitoc method here."

"Did you know:The last time someone attacked the Jovians, it was the Amarr, at Vak'atioth, and the Amarr fleet was crushed?"

"Did you know:The 'Crystal Boulevard' of Caille is both a high end shopping center and a vast shield of manufactured diamond for bunkers underneath?"

"Did you know:That Slavers hunt by jumping high in the air and coming down on their prey from above?"

"Did you know:The Guristas pirate organization was started by two deserters from the Caldari navy? Fatal and the Rabbit?"

"Did you know:The Khanid Kingdom was founded by the Khanid family royal heir after he refused to commit ritual suicide?"

"Did you know:That the Amarrian "godflesh" taboo forbids against cloning?"

"Did you know:The Caldari State is made up of eight mega-corporations and has three major political factions?"
First link:
Second link:
First link is actually this but the new fiction site is probably better. That still lists the CEO of KK as Tibus Heth, compared to the new page which just 404s if you click the Kaalakiota links.

"Did you know:The True Slaves are loyal, implant controlled slave troops of Sansha Kuvakei? Moar here."

"Did you know:That the Blood Raiders are a sect of the Sani Sabik who spend their lives in space hunting down and harvesting non-believers for their blood? Read more here!"

"Did you know:Dam-Torsad is the Amarr Imperial City and capital? Read the chron!"

"Did you know:Silphy enDiabel of the Syndicate used to be one of the Sisters of EVE? For more, read here."

"Did you know:The system Old Man Star is named for the lone crew member who survived a sub-light trip there to set up a stargate?"

"Did you know:The 'Heaven' constellation in Curse is the former location of the Third Jove Empire and the current headquarters of the vast Angel Cartel?"

News items:

"Did you know:That the Intaki Liberation Front uses local civilian employees in its orbital production facility known as Prosperity Station? Read more about it here"

"Did you know:that Daedalus X pulled off a Capital ship heist in a level two wormhole. read more here"
Should also be class 2 wormhole.

"Did you know:That Saxon Hawke's son Ravi died in a drug-related hovercar crash that had connections to the Serpentis "Aenebra" cult? Read more about it here"

"Did you know:Signatories to the Federal Charter retain the legal right to regulate shipping and security in their original territories, among other things? Read more here."

"Did you know:Ishukone corporation manufactures the mind altering Transcranial Microcontroller? In the news recently and a few years ago."
No idea what this linked to. Both of the links lead to completely dead pages that don't help. Perhaps replace with news items regarding TCMCs. many are linked to here.

"Did you know:That Federal member states retain control of their home systems, as seen exercised here?"

Wiki pages:

"Did you know:Ghost Festival is an Angel Cartel loyalist corporation? Read more here"
The link is to backstage but it doesn't exist.

"Did you know:As part of its political goal to make the State stronger economically, Lai Dai is the primary supporter of the School of Applied Knowledge. Check out more (and the expanded corp wiki template) here!"
This one is curious, the link isn't to the Lai Dai wiki page it's to this which states that it isn't actually the correct page.
this is likely the correct page to link to, but maybe remove the bracketed bit unless there's a better wiki page to link to.

No archives:

"Did you know:That  following several months of dedicated research, the Synenose Accord held a public and widely attended conference in the shattered Seyllin system, site of the tragic Seyllin Main-Sequence event? See more here"
Dead link, no archive.

"Did you know:In YC110 Mixed Metaphor corporation declared war to stop distribution of the NHB Ultra Happy Chip™? It didn't work out."
Neither of these links have been archived and seem to be to old old old forums. If you know the thread titles you might be able to find them via google but I can't.

"Did you know:Starsi tastes like revenge?"
Same as the other old forum thing.
Googling the phrase leads to an oldforums archive and a backstage forum post. Backstage forums might be more reliable considering how often CCP likes to break links.

"Did you know:That there was a Constitutional Convention sponsored by prominent Federal capsuleers, held in the Villore system? See more here"
No archive.

"Did you know:the Serpentis stole a Federation Navy Nyx, here is the  news item"
The only archive is from 2016, which is a 404 page.
Gee that's helpful.

"Did you know:"Suuolo" is Caldari for friend? For more, read here"
No archive.

Broken links:

"Did you know:Many medical services are provided by AIs rather than human doctors?  More on AIMEDs here."
Links to "http://http//". need to remove the http//


"Did you know:that ships have crews"
Links to the All These Lives chronicle, which does feature ship crews but this might also be relevent though I think it's somewhat out of date.

"Did you know:The main ingredients in Protein Delicacies were in fact organic waste, processed station sewage and second grade biomass? For more, read here."
Currently links to which does have the information, but isn't directly related. this may be a better link, but it's up to you.

"Did you know:Kaalakiota, or KK, is the largest of the Caldari megacorporations, and is run by Tibus Heth."
Link is fine, information a smidge out of date.

"Did you know:That the Federal Defence Union has liberated all but six systems from Caldari occupation, precipitating a power struggle within the State?"
Prone to being very out of date.

"Did you know:That Blood Raiders have grandmothers? (The Burning Life)"
But do they have grand parties?

"Did you know:that Fiery Kernite once led to an epic bar brawl in the Syndicate, leading it to be called "Rage Stone"?"
Nothing technically wrong here, the link leads to a backstage wiki page but the page seems to be about refining stats. I have no idea if there's meant to be more information there or not so I'll note it here.
Also capital T.

"Did you know:That Band of Brothers killed the first titan in EVE?"
Link is fine, but the page it links to is a bit of a mess.

Bloodline links seem to go to a different site( If the information is from an official source it might be a good idea to add backstage pages for them instead.

"Did you know:That "because of Falcon" is passé?"
I note this one BECAUSE OF FALCON
I exist sometimes.

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Re: "Did You Know..." Public Submission Thread
« Reply #121 on: 26 Nov 2017, 00:32 »

Thank's Aradina! I'll be getting these updated over the next week or so hopefully.  :D

This is also still open for submissions - so if anyone wants to they are free to submit new ones. I don't htink it's been updated for a while, we could probably use a few from more recently than like 5 years ago.

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Re: "Did You Know..." Public Submission Thread
« Reply #122 on: 26 Nov 2017, 18:22 »

Edit: I may aid in this endeavour.  :)
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