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the 25ers were a political activist organization that fought for repealing starship licensing fees, laying the foundations for the independent capsuleer community.

Author Topic: Official Overview of New Eden's Factions - 2008  (Read 2410 times)


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Quote from: CCP Greyscale
As per Wrangler's post over in the Information Portal, we've assembled a document summarizing the on-the-ground political situation inside the four Empires, as well as providing a basic situation report for the smaller factions. It's an OOC document, designed to allow players to understand the situation and decide what their characters would know and how they're positioned relative to nearby political stances.

The document can be found here, and we're making this additional post here in the Library to give it a temporary permanent home. If you want to discuss it in this thread or in other threads in this forum then please go ahead - we're interested to hear what you think and any feedback you have on it, as well as to see what discussions it spawns among you all

Faction Guide - CCP Official Host - Right Click > Save as if you are having trouble loading it in your browser.

Alternatively, is mirroring the files in case CCP ever takes it down:

.PDF Version

.ZIP Version

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