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 on: 12 Aug 2017, 07:01  
Started by Ioannis_Sepphiros - Last post by Ioannis_Sepphiros
;) All that exercise will kill you.  Best to start your morning with a cold shower and a shot of bourbon!  But none the less, a good read.

Thanks James, appreciate your time  I ll try to get it better as time goes....yay for bourbon shots in the morning...good for killing stuff...or drowning them  :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: 8)

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 18:21  
Started by Ioannis_Sepphiros - Last post by Syagrius
 ;) All that exercise will kill you.  Best to start your morning with a cold shower and a shot of bourbon!  But none the less, a good read.

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 11:26  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Silas Vitalia
Aww, thanks folks :)

I hear one is difficult enough with sleep/feeding but I get two at the same time, so that'll be super rad :)

Good news is I'll probably be staying home quite a bit so with regular sleeping/nap schedules there might be some PC idle time....

Hope all of you are doing well though!

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 09:57  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Louella Dougans

What sort of black magic voodoo did you use with your kids :-P I still struggle to get my one to go to bed at a normal time.  :?:

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 09:48  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Sakura Nihil
Congrats!  Hold onto your butt, all your free time is about to evaporate.

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 08:11  
Started by Ioannis_Sepphiros - Last post by Ioannis_Sepphiros
OOC section-------------------------------------------------------------------
Hey guys I will be releasing some small stories of Sepphiros in parts. I do this as this helps me place some of my thoughts on character build up per personality goes and some refinement. I share these because I also want to test what you may think and some feedback here and there would be nice if the community things its nice little stories. I have found some difficulty in using this text based RP game play that comes with EVE and I want in small parts to offer some of the world environment that surrounds Sepphiros while getting better in writing so I may become better when actually RPing in game as well. So I will be running two to three stories in various parts. I dont expect the stories to follow a particular order per sequence between them goes but I am thinking of running them together per publishing goes with the part numbers being there to provide for some guide per order goes.
I dont consider these public IC knowledge so they can't be used naturally in-game.

The alarm was going off trying to wake him up. The time was reading 04:30. Situated on top of the building in Yulai, the  circular shaped room was not of a particular design deriving from one interstellar nation. Instead it was built evidently with some touches of minimalism and a distinctive design maybe even being outside the norm of the rest of the building itself as well.

The man wasn't frequenting the room after all too much so the minimal touch was perfect per usage goes.

Some 10-15 minutes passed already and although he could hear the alarm intensifying more and more bringing him out of his deep sleep, he just knew what was going to happen next he thought.
He would open his eyes, he would feel the eyelids weighing down on him in an effort to tell him he really needs some more sleep...He then would think "how in the cluster do I need more sleep after already sleeping 6 hours?" and all the while thinking in bits and pieces what he had to work on which was long overdue.

The man moved with his chest and rotated in a seated position on the side of the bed. He, almost overwhelmed by his train of thought, placed on some sort of faded ambience in his head the AI's electronic voice which was conveying some information about regional and interstellar news, market updates, the weather and even the quality of his sleep...

His feet touched the floor as it was warming on underneath him feeling a bit stimulated. He placed his hands on his face rubbing it trying to force himself to wake up. He looked on the nightstand at his right and took some large round pills "there...there goes breakfast done" he thought as he was also thinking how much time is wasted right now just for waking up. He started counting again what he needed to work at. He then looked at the triangular almost shaped pills. He felt like a drug abuser although those were nothing close to that kind. He hesitated for a moment..not because of thinking not taking them but because he thought he should...but then shaking his head he started thinking how weak he is by feeling the need of taking them. "Not even 26 and you are at them already...Let alone how they don't really help now do they? "

"Its all in the head ...stop being weak"
he immediately felt like going through the list of stuff he had to do again. Then he stared a bit outside at the view of the city as the sun was rising. He was always soothed by watching vibrant cities going about their day's work. It was always a motivator for him to get active as well.

While at it he looked at the walled screen which was by and large covering most of the room as he was now paying attention listening and looking at the news and updates. He stood up, almost feeling proud of actually making it out of bed this time. He picks up his new smart tech edition of the 'Far sighted' glasses and as the item comes online, he thinks of his tracksuit. Immediately his wardrobe a few steps away from him is presenting with 3 variations of it. He goes and picks the black one as his ears listening with care whats being presented from the screen behind him. By the time he has finished wearing his tracksuit he already have thought what he has to do, whom he needs to contact, how he is going to execute, which trades he will create some leverage and the clients that require him the most. He then sighs as he is thinking the never ending question that is always in his mind...."Why haven't I already done so..?"

He wasn't nearly where he could have been these days per performances go and he knew he could only blame himself, being so many steps ahead of anyone else in his trades and his business dealings overall. This has been going for almost some months now and it has been quite frustrating. Was he losing money? No. Was the expansion and growth not being there? No. Were there any clients not satisfied? No, especially the clients were thrilled with their returns. He thought "At least the trademark of value creating for partners is still there" stretching his high tech smart tracksuit.

All was going well and good and success was evident even by the most conservative predictions over this stage of the plan. But he could do so much more...and he wasn't, not because the opportunities weren't there, but because he wasn't executing on them. Like feeling frozen. Not being able to come up with a solution that would dictate him to break that Barrier as he called it and go back to himself, ruthlessly executing at will, bettering the cluster one small step at a time. The problem wasn't that the plan wasn't there, it was him and his capacity of not being consistent on staying the course; something that was new to him. As long as the clients are happy, he thought, maybe he shouldn't worry too much over this. Everyone has their ups and down on a personal level no?

"And everyone can be an idiot as well from time to time...can I allow myself to be one as well? I need to change this, I am a capsuleer now, there are no excuses.." he thought sighing a bit. Feeling a bit of shame as he remembers also some of his idiotic moments so far since becoming a capsuleer, he immediately disregards them and moves towards the elevator waiting on his floor level.

He got inside the elevator and pressed into the button that would lead him to the gym. He hated the gym but it was indeed a must he thought. He quickly counted on his head how many times he had thought about what he needed to do and how to execute to be successful, the whole process mapped in his head more clearly than reality before him. From the time he woke up he counted it was nearly 10...Yesterday was 8. Executions were still 0. He then looked at the time.

"06:30...well done fool. Late by an hour the least, and all you had to do is wake up and get dressed..." as the elevator stopped by the gym. He glanced at the screens playing the news and market updates with screen displays with the S-IBS logo on them, at least the returns was solid, thinking on the happy clients with the first feeling of comfort so far for the day.

He went on the treadmill and made some last thoughts speaking to himself "Maybe today..." as he then was consumed with anger directed at himself pressing the button to start his intense morning routine...

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 07:05  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Lasairiona
Hehe, ah, yes, I would have killed for two hour feeds...not so when you're breastfeeding :-P

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 06:12  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Jev North
Oh, no, that's right out. I'm just pointing out that "needs to be fed every two hours, on the dot" does eventually become "you might sleep nights again, if your nights are four to six hours long."

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 05:45  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Lasairiona
Hey, cheers, and good luck. It's hard work, but it gets better after the first month or two, when they start sleeping more and demanding food less.

(Then it gets worse again, but don't think about that yet.)

What sort of black magic voodoo did you use with your kids :-P I still struggle to get my one to go to bed at a normal time.

 on: 11 Aug 2017, 05:15  
Started by Silas Vitalia - Last post by Karmilla Strife

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