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Did you know:

a lone miner was detained and executed on 29.11YC105 for "suspicious curiosity" after asking passing Imperial Fleet ships "where they were going with all those guns".

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 on: 13 Oct 2017, 06:06  
Started by Utari Onzo - Last post by Shanley
Are you guys still recruiting and playing?

 on: 13 Oct 2017, 03:49  
Started by Aradina - Last post by Aradina
Decided to finally make one of these. It's kinda bare, I plan to work on it some more(add more details on cybernetics for example) at a later point in time.
Feedback appreciated. Both on this and the character in general.

Name: Aradina Deikano Varren
D.O.B.: YC86/08/16
Age: 33, clone 29.
Bloodline: Deteis
Nationality: Caldari State, Kaalakiota Corporation

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 176cm
Weight: 61kg
Build: Slim
Cybernetics: Both arms are outwardly standard matte black cybernetics.

DED Threat Assessment
Little experience solo, often flying in a small gang or scouting.
Positive security status highly misleading.

Personality Assessment:
Asocial, often avoids people especially in large groups. She’s prone to bouts of intense concentration, focusing on the same task for extended periods of time. In late YC118, during the attempted eviction of Alexylva Paradox, she notably watched the hostile staging POS for approximately 13 hours straight, providing intel for the rest of the defense fleet.

In group settings, she often goes unnoticed. She doesn’t seem bothered by this, tending to observe and listen instead of directly interacting anyway.

Despite this, she’s usually friendly.

 on: 12 Oct 2017, 18:35  
Started by Ciarente - Last post by Nmaro Makari
In local news today, Federal authorities in Yashunnen executed an eviction warrant on the grounds of public health for several dilapidated facilities on one of it's stations, thought to have formerly belonged to capsuleer corporations.

Authorities are somewhat baffled and "horrified" according to one court officer, at finding a number of perplexing and sometimes dangerous items during the enforcement action, including, according to the officer "... a number of creatures enhanced with cybernetics for... I can't imagine what reason, who puts radar equipment in a chinchilla's ears I would rather not find out, uh what else... A sculpture of a man made out of stubbed out cigars and whiskey bottles, it beeped when we got close, a transistor radio that appeared to be sentient, an empty swimming pool full of old-school spreadsheets, several empty containers marked 'Nina's porn stash' on their outer walls, with accompanying crude drawings of a stick man in congress with a rogue drone, various impressionist and post-modern portraits of a... moustache? Oh and arms an ammunition, enough for a small war. Yeah. Weird day."

Only one person was removed from the premises by officers, a bystander reported to us that all he could hear was someone screaming the phrase "Where is Heaven, anyway?"

 on: 12 Oct 2017, 08:38  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Korsavius
YC 119 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest entry for the 8000 Suns category (this one is a Very Short Fiction (750 words or less) competitor as well). Hope you enjoy, space friends!

Sunday Morning

Rays of sunlight claw against the hull of the space station. Try as they might, they just can’t reach that sweet spot - the polyglas bubble which separates a lush and vibrant open space from the shapeless ether outside. The angular placement of the station prevents the rays from doing so. Much to the bane of the sun, of course. The blue-sequence star deserves to have all bask in its glory. It is not as peaceful as a yellow star. Not even as pretty as a pink one. But still, it deserved that much, however the station builders ensured that would not happen. Especially since they built it orbiting a planet a mere 0.8 AU away. Far too close not to have the dome facing away. This displeased the proud star, of course, but hopefully one day those beneath the polyglas dome can see the light.

The artificial atmospheric controls gradually tune down the tint of the dome, allowing in more sunlight. Sleepy little birds nestled in cozy trees start waking up and prepare their throats for their morning calls. A thin layer of mist coats much of the floorspace like an ethereal blanket for the sleeping foliage. A layer within the polyglas which houses reflector units transmits more and more photons of light which were captured on receiver units on the other side of the station. The redirected beams of light are converted to a yellow hue and rain down on the open space below, dancing with the milky mist to produce a layer of golden haze.

The small downtown area which houses only the upper echelon of the station’s inhabitants soon joins the little birds in their wake-up routines. Automated cleaner drones finish tidying up the streets and walkways before quickly scurrying off to their housing units. Coffeehouses come to life as the most dedicated patrons start trickling in to beat the morning rush. By now the morning calls of the little birds are quite full of effervescence. Moans and groans of lazy and spoiled teenagers unwilling to wake up for Sunday school mar their songs only slightly, but still they sing.

A slightly chubby man with a scruffy beard quickly dresses for work. He joins his family downstairs to enjoy a breakfast prepared by his equally chubby wife. Their likewise chubby children chomp down on the hearty breakfast. The man tunes in on his datapad which features a special report on the nature of Jamyl’s triumph over the Elder Fleet just the year before. The man rolls his eyes and powers down the datapad, which flashes a Serpentis logo before displaying a blank screen. Time for work. He bids farewell to his family and rushes out the door to head to the transit hub. Executive admin work for a small Serpentis outpost can be so boring sometimes. But he was good at his job, much like all the other Serpentis staff aboard the humble station.

He arrived to the transit hub well on time. Perfect. It seems like a great start to another Sunday morning for him and the others around. While he waited for the shuttle, he gazed out into the shapeless ether. Something seemed so peaceful about it.

Somewhere on the other side of the cluster, a Thukker captain makes a defining decision at that moment.

An overwhelming burst of light overtakes the outside view. The entire station rocks violently. Immediately, the emergency sirens screech throughout the open space beneath the polyglas dome. The proud blue sun reaches for the Serpentis outpost with an outstretched arm. They will finally see the light on this perfect Sunday morning.

 on: 12 Oct 2017, 02:47  
Started by Miyoshi Akachi - Last post by Miyoshi Akachi
Thank you, Stutzer. Mmmm... ^^

 on: 12 Oct 2017, 02:19  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Miyoshi Akachi
Really nice reading. Good luck. :)

 on: 11 Oct 2017, 18:01  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Korsavius
Thanks for the feedback/comments. :) :cube:

 on: 11 Oct 2017, 17:57  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Syagrius

 on: 11 Oct 2017, 12:10  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Morwen Lagann
This is one of those rare posts that makes me briefly wish we had a 'like' or '+1' button on Backstage.

Love it, Kor. Really nice work. :cube:

 on: 11 Oct 2017, 10:44  
Started by Korsavius - Last post by Ioannis_Sepphiros
Great read, well done.

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