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That the Federal Defence Union has liberated all but six systems from Caldari occupation, precipitating a power struggle within the State?

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 on: 25 Jun 2017, 22:13  
Started by Jason Galente - Last post by Sakura Nihil
To echo Samira's point, isn't one of the aspects of the Amarr Empire that yes, conquered peoples will be enslaved, but through work and repentance of generation after generation, the previously "impure" are brought into the concord with God?

Also, one might argue that Nation is a means to redemption... to give oneself over fully to Nation, to be cleansed of your previous sins and failings and to be reborn anew.  Something like that simultaneously fascinates and scares the hell out of me, but I think it counts.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 22:08  
Started by Gesakaarin - Last post by Sakura Nihil
Heh.  You're not wrong, at times.

It usually progresses from that level, though.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 21:29  
Started by Gesakaarin - Last post by Gesakaarin

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 21:23  
Started by Jason Galente - Last post by Samira Kernher
Amarr has very strong themes of redemption, actually. It comes in the form of the Reclaiming. The center focus of the Amarr religion is the return to a state of perfect unity with God, as God and Creation were one divine whole that then fell apart, and the purpose of the Amarr Empire is to restore that perfect state (seen in the symbolism of the three major Amarr signs). That is the Reclaiming. While it's most strongly associated with reclaiming the fallen races, the True Amarr as well are viewed as capable of sin and that they must strive constantly to keep themselves from falling. Even True Amarr do acts of penitence (like self-flagellation) to cut out the bad and make themselves worthy of God. Redemption in Amarr typically focuses heavily on punishments, in the belief that the self must be completely broken down, so that evil is stripped away, and then be remade in God's light.

In addition, the story of Amash-Akura is a redemption story. He was God's chosen and blessed with divine immortality and wisdom. But when Amash-Akura cast aside the sefrim, essentially rejecting God, God forsook him and commanded him to redeem himself on his own merits. Amash-Akura did so, and while he was never given his immortality back, his redemption earned himself a place in heaven.

Spoiler: References (hover to show)

The quest for penitence and salvation is certainly at the core of my RP with Samira. Her upbringing as an Amarr slave, at the front and center of the Reclaiming, has indoctrinated her to the point that she finds it almost impossible to see anything positive about herself, she believes that she is a horrible sinner and so must work harder than any True Amarr to prove herself worthy of God. She often comes across so zealous in RP because she feels she has to be and show that she is perfect in her faith, and her occasional emotional outbursts come from her psyche inevitably snapping under the load. In Samira's case the quest for redemption is taken too far, she punishes herself but doesn't forgive herself, and a major part of her character arc has been in the struggle to learn to let go of her shame (in the last year this has mostly revolved around trying to find acceptance of her Minmatar heritage).

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 20:21  
Started by Jason Galente - Last post by Gesakaarin

So, what are some good examples of redemption (or the distinct lack of this necessary psychology) in the lore? Or in your characters?

There is the Caldari tea maker ceremony which is an absolution of shame in death.

As for my own characters, Veikitamo is always seeking her own redemption. A veteran Caldari capsuleer who lost most of her comrades who went through the same training program she did since childhood, and especially at the battle of Iyen Oursta she has always felt the shame and guilt of having been a survivor when those she did care for, and the only ones who could understand her are now gone.

As such, she seeks not to redeem herself in the eyes of others but in the eyes of her comrades. She feels no guilt or shame in the blood she sheds or the lies she speaks because her path to personal redemption is simple: keep loyal to her oath sworn with comrades now lost, to swear to uphold and defend the legacy of Matias Sobaseki as it exists in Kaalakiota.

That is, and always has been her motive factor and to that end she will say anything and do anything with the resolve and determination of a true believer in that what she does serves a higher purpose, and releases her from the only sin she considers never to commit - a failure in duty and violation of her oath.

To that end, in the pursuit of what she considers her path of redemption from a personal shame, she cannot be reasoned with, she cannot be bargained with, she won't stop in seeking it until she is dead.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 18:36  
Started by Ava Starfire - Last post by Julianni Avala

Jules' gala gown. Inspired by:

Spoiler (hover to show)

With modifications.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 18:27  
Started by Makkal - Last post by Ché Biko
Pearl Jam - Black

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 18:20  
Started by Jason Galente - Last post by Ché Biko
Isn't Otro Gariushi sort of redeemed? And that crew member in All These Lives Are Fit To Ruin sort of tried to find redemption in a twisted way, maybe.

Ché has tried to redeem a few people (including himself), with varying levels of success.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 18:09  
Started by Julianni Avala - Last post by Ché Biko






...but please, do share.

 on: 25 Jun 2017, 17:55  
Started by Gesakaarin - Last post by Ché Biko
I agree with Utari, I don't think the 2 play styles are incompatible. Like Ara and her char, Ché is also a darker version of me, for similar reasons, but I've always known that other people create chars that are not a lot like themselves, and I don't see any issues with it.

I also can get emotionally invested into other peoples char's who are nothing like me. But that also happens when I watch a good movie or series episode. Sometimes it can be nice to cry watching a movie, or doing RP. Anyway, I am the person responsible for dealing with the joys and sorrows these attachments give me.

I think I'm probably one of the players who immerses himself in his character the most, yet I think I'm also one of the most capable at maintaining the OOC/IC divide when it comes to my thoughts about players who antagonize my char.

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