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That Blood Raiders have grandmothers? (The Burning Life)

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 on: Today at 09:54 AM 
Started by Jandice Ymladris - Last post by Jandice Ymladris
Well, I have been absent for a long time & hoping I post it in the right section.
As announced, Aurora News is back. Posting here to give an insight on what to expect.

Due to my long absence, I plan to focus on smaller events & stuff for now, until I feel I got a good grasp on things again, both lorewise as people-wise.
Will still feature Arcology stuff, generally clearly marked in the titles, for those who aren't interested in that & skip it.
Will also feature articles on capsuleer events that occur & could gather enough information on. This is not limited to the various IGS posted events, can also be fun & neat encounters by capsuleers in space, with an RP layer poured over it, to give people some small things to talk about & not only grand stuff.

In short, I'm back & plan to pick up my reporter mantle again. Missed Eve, glad to have returned (alot has changed tho; wow, will need time to get used to it + new EVE CCP forums: terrible layout for maneuvering larger threads / rereading them)

 on: 15 Feb 2018, 07:29  
Started by Aria Jenneth - Last post by Ria Nieyli
Ria wouldn't really have a fan club. It'd be more of an anonymous posting side that's rife with conspiracy theories on whether or not she's a triple double agent for the Angel cartel, various guesstimates on what she really does and all sorts of smut.

That is, outside of the State. There's a smallish online community within Lai Dai discussing various semi-exotic engineering projects, as well as other various research topics. Conversely, she runs it and uses it to headhunt personnel for her labs.

 on: 14 Feb 2018, 14:56  
Started by Aria Jenneth - Last post by Ché Biko
Ché would likely have gained his first fans by competing with his team in the Sub-warp Racing League, and becoming the SRV champion.
After this, he may have gotten a fanbase (particularly Gallente Doves) due to his interest in peace and his humanitarian work. He is likely quite popular among the Caldari Prime citizens that supported former Arcurio mayor and YC 117 Gallente President candidate Shaileen Ramnev.
His Search And Rescue patrols would likely have gotten him some Matari fans.
In Origin he has some fans among the Decentralizers, as he is/was one of the most public faces of that group. Since becoming a Gateway (special ambassador) for ALXVP, his reputation among Origin's Minmatar population may have taken a hit due to talks with SFRIM.
He likely has some fans among Sansha sympathizers as well.
There is a Church of Ché in Caille. Attendants spend time thinking about "what would Ché do?", which for most seems to be an odd mixture of hedonism and charity.
Due to his love life, it would be strange to not find fanfics about him and some other capsuleers being involved in romances, particularly Cynthia Gallente, Aria Jenneth and Lasairiona Raske. It's also possible to find tabloids with interviews with some baseliners claiming to have shared a night and bed with him.

Lasairiona Raske:
Likely has a mixed reputation among the Matari. Some might see her as an emancipated woman doing occasional humanitarian work, others as an Angel puppet and criticize her for having L'Amore in Ballo in the Ammatar Mandate. Those less politically inclined (and non-matari) may just admire her performances as a singer and socialite.

 on: 13 Feb 2018, 12:22  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Ché Biko
because nobody puts anything of any importance at stake
and/or behaving like a cad at rp events.
Hi! I'm nobody.
Also, can confirm acting like a cat at RP events will hurt your rep at least a little.

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 18:05  
Started by Morwen Lagann - Last post by Sekhmet Valkyatali
Name: Coven of Burning Desire.
Faction: Sani Sabik/Blood Raiders/Obscure sect of the former.
Short Description:
  • The Coven of Burning Desire follows the tenets of "No sins, No chains,
     only burning veins" which is further explained as celebrating true freedom
    from golden chains, and prattling preachers by indulging every mere whim
    and interest - while still including standard blood raider practises.
Recruitment Status: Open
Focus: General pro-blood raider activity, anything pro-excessive activity (drugs, ganking, pvp, etc)
Immersion Level: Fully Immersive in our public channel, Corp chat generally kept loose.
Leadership: Sekhmet Valkyatali - CEO/Coven Mistress.
Points of Contact: Sekhmet Valkyatali - CEO/Coven Mistress.
Recruitment Thread: None Currently.
Additional Info: We currently have no fixed home, though this will change in the near future - most likely Amarr
high sec, as it fits with the cult nature of the Coven.
  • Blog Incoming!
  • Burning Desire Bar is our public chat, and main RP space.

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 17:00  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Louella Dougans
the proliferation of alts means that ultimately, rp pvp has no meaning, because nobody puts anything of any importance at stake, because their isk and ship sources are concealed behind the curtains of altery.

"How is X able to afford all these militia losses ?" ponders someone IC. And there might be IC talk of cutting off the supply of materiel to X. But nothing will come of that IC interaction. Because X is supplied by Y alts, and there's nothing that can be done about that.

The only thing that's ever at stake is "face", which can be lost through awful IGS posting, and/or behaving like a cad at rp events. For which incarna might have been useful.

But it was not to be. Oh well.

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 15:06  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Morwen Lagann
Voice fonts proved they would be absolutely atrocious and detrimental to RP within about an hour of the server coming up after patch day - and we had voice fonts long, long before Incarna's release. At least a year and a half prior, in fact; I was in Ghost Festival at the time, and Incarna released towards the end of my time in Veto.

We immediately played around with them in corp chat and kind of collectively went "LOL, NOPE" at the results - the complete inability to tweak or customize the fonts in any way, shape or form basically killed the feature for RP use before it had a chance to go anywhere.

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 15:03  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Ché Biko
Yes, I recall there was talk of being within earshot or not when standing in the same room with others.

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 12:48  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Teinyhr
Incarna I assume was meant to use voice communication, seeing as it also introduced voice fonts - i.e. lowering or increasing pitch of the voice basicly (I think those are still there, though I haven't checked in a long time).

 on: 12 Feb 2018, 12:40  
Started by Lunarisse Aspenstar - Last post by Morwen Lagann
I remember when WIS started really being a discussion point with all the videos and such, and people wondered how it'd affect RP, both in positive and negative ways - because of EVE's reliance on text chat for communication, and the way channels work.

I've been playing Black Desert for 16 months now, and roleplaying there for 14. I've really yet to see any real negatives to having the physical avatars when it comes to RP. It's amazing for helping visualize a space and the people and objects within it. It adds a whole layer of social behavior out of character, too - even when people can chat to each other from across the entire game world, they still come and congregate together in a physical space.

Honestly, I find it hard to consider going back to having text only without that visual aid.

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