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Title: Raata Zaibatsu
Post by: Avio Yaken on 06 Dec 2017, 14:46

So, I'm here to get some feedback on a little project of mine that I've finally got around to finishing the fluff for. By far the largest piece of world building I've done and I feel like it's unique. I got some plans for it to generate some RP and I'm close to going public with it IC. But figured I need to get some comments on it first. I don't want to rush this.

So what is the Raata Zaibatsu? OOC wise it's my attempt at creating my own NPC faction.  In the sense that it's not open to players (currently) and will attempt to mimic how CCP would handle writing for their factions. Utilize actor characters that would only appear IC. Certain thing I would keep in mind is that I DO NOT own a baseliner navy. The Zaibatsu will openly admit to having next to no Navy representation and would only be "looking into expanding into Capsuleer employment". Besides Avio and another alt. But maybe would take some liberties with small deadspace structures.  Though if I say I got a station there, I damn well better have a citadel there. Also yes, I will have to respond if it gets blown up.

It's a alliance with multiple corps in it that I own via alts. Much like how the Caldari State or Amarr Empire  has plenty of member corps inside it to flesh out different parts of it. Same thing applies with the Zaibatsu.  A corp to represent the military of the faction (ex: Caldari Navy) , a research corp (ex:Potque Pharmaceuticals)  logistics corp ( ex: Transteller) and so forth.

But why create a NPC faction? To generate my own kind of RP that anyone can interact with. I would put out my own news articles much like The Scope does. Just keeping events focused on my A.O.  Might have a trade request and explain why they need it. Maybe a festival is going on or some research project need materials. It will start off with simple things like that and maybe even build from those some starts.

IC wise, the Zaibatsu is a privately owned and funded endeavour to create a society that preserves the old ways of the Raata Empire that melted to form the foundations for the Caldari State. The Zaibatsu is independent and has bought out a landmass on a low security world to move away from the laws of CONCORD and the empires. They do what they want and enforce the laws and ethics that the ruling power sees fit to put in play.

It is led by “House Yaken” a family that CLAIMS (Leaving it open to doubt and question) to be of one of the original forty houses of the Raata Empire. Under the House are several corporations that command their own individual Industries within the Zaibatsu. They’re all owned by the House and must abide by the ruling of whoever the reigning Patriarch of the House is.

This is the list of descriptions for of all the core corporations.

- Ohrion Conglomerate (
- Lucrative Excavations inc. (
- Karvose Collaboration Studios (
- Mryskytuuli Regiment ( - Rewrite pending
- Salvaged Fortune Industries (
- Clear-Mind Caravans (

You may notice that despite this idea being called the “Raata Zaibatsu” and trying to recreate Raata culture in YC 119. There is alot of non-Caldari elements in the Zaibatsu. This is intentional as it is to be the critical flaw of the Zaibatsu. The theme here is culture. It would so straightforward and boring if the Zaibatsu had this perfect cultural influence over its citizens. If you read the descriptions for the non-Caldari themed corps. You'll see that they all have been brought in NOT for thinking the Raata is a superior culture than their own. But rather they were brought in after the House stepped in to offer  them a hand in a state of desperation. They were scouted and all showed traits that would fit in with the values they want to push. But culturally they’re fractured.  Each CEO has been given their own personality and i plan on playing with them all though news stories or diplomatic actions I take to reach out.

This split in the leadership’s culture is what will create conflict within the Zaibatsu.Hopefully this will create some situations for interacting with sides of a debates with which corp you agree with. I just have to be sure the other side has a strong case as well. a minority

With leadership being a mixed bag instead of all Caldari. This permits them to open their doors to any and all that can meet their requirements for citizenship. The House thinks they can mold an individual into something of a Raata citizen regardless of bloodline. This in due to the direction I'm taking Wayism. Which i will have take a more active role in Zaibatsu society. Look into the description for the  Windchime Order  ( for more details on that. But if someone fails to conform to the ways the House wants repeatedly. Then their citizenship can be revoked as quickly as they gave it to them.

While on the topic of culture. I attempted to create something that wasn't the Caldari State. But sorta making sure some basic things were there that they would have in common. Such as it having a meritocracy  set. Valuing honor and promoting family values. The Raata and Caldari culture are both of the same gene after all. But here are a few surface examples as to the slight differences

-The Raata Zaibatsu is ruled by one Dynasty, the Yakens. The CEOs of the corps are only advisors. The House Patriarch is the ultimate authority.

-Instead of the corps owning their own civilian population and assets, the House owns everything

-With Wayism taking an active role, the Zaibatsu is far more eco friendly. They will not build sprawling metropolises  or massive factories. But have very rural colonies made up of wooden housing that adopt modern tech and architectural design. As well as limiting the amount of factories they will ever have built on temperate worlds.

Well, without dragging this on any further. I think i got a good summary of the idea out. I could use some feedback on it and i can answer any questions someone might have.

Title: Re: Raata Zaibatsu
Post by: Stutzer on 07 Dec 2017, 12:54
I'll just poke in on a few points.

Anyway, I like the concept and execution. Also may I say that I resent that you have not accepted my friend request on the World Anvil discord.  ;)
Title: Re: Raata Zaibatsu
Post by: Avio Yaken on 07 Dec 2017, 13:30
With regard to Raata clan history: I'm not familiar with lore that confirms the number or constitution of clans. Is there a recorded history akin to the Amarr Book of Records? If not, how are these claims adjudicated? Bureaucracy, bribes, extortion, or something else?

There are a few references referring to how many Houses made up the Raata Empire. most notably in the chronicle 'Cold Wind' ( in which the twenty-three houses of the Oryioni tribe combined with the seventeen from the Fuukiuye tribe to form the Raata Empire.

However, there is not a single name for any of theses Houses. I've looked everywhere and i don't think there is a single canon name for a House.

As for historic text. The House keeps dcouments of their own legacy. But this is sadly not open to any outsider (mainly because i haven't written anything for it yet)

With regard to the motley membership: this seems counter to my understanding of the Patriot mentality that I expect of emotionally-invested ethnic identity such as Raata. How can that be made to serve the ideal of The State?

It has no attachment to the State. The House was conflicted with the culture that was taken over after the Raata. And according to lore on the Federation demographic for the Caldari. There are others that still to this day have more of a attachment to the Raata than they do the Caldari State.

The reasoning I've made behind the  House wanting to separate themselves from the State is honestly a bit weak. But to me it would have just been boring to make them State loyalists. However they don't HATE the State and are open to working with them. But not  seeing them as their homeland. But a nation that shares things in common with them. Like if the State ever did something positive for Caldari Prime, their ancestor's homeworld. Then the House would want to find a way to contribute.

The above might also be of concern regarding the spiritual tolerance and attitudes of outsider corps. How is Wayism enforced?

With any religion, it's up to interpenetration.

With the Windchime Order, it's me putting out a "new teaching" of sorts that takes out the Caldari nationalism and looks at the philosophy of it more neutrally. If the Maker created everything and allowed nature to create the Caldari. How are they any different from the Amarr or Gallante? Why do the winds only favor the Caldari? Just as bad as the Amarrian's saying their God's chosen.

Cold Wind loves that which grows strong. Not that which is Caldari. This is nature and only the strong will survive. The Caldari are not a chosen people and are instead just another competitor in the Maker's chaotic creation. The Winds are to be these teachers that anyone can put themselves under to be tested to see if they are worthy of surviving.

Despite it being open to any race. It's not some hippie group that promotes peace and love. But rather saying that you need to be strong, because your greatest challenger in this game is your fellow human beings. Things such as war are considered ot be this ultimate test that separates the weak from the strong. The weak die and their bloodline ends while the strong move on to continue their bloodline and legacy. This in turn gives merit to the House's militaristic pride.

It should also be noted - that the Windchimes don't claim that their interpretation is the true interpretation..Because their version of Wayism is literally all about interpretation. They don't think the Winds speak though word but rather speak though action and it's up to them to figure out what they were trying to communicate.
Title: Re: Raata Zaibatsu
Post by: Stutzer on 07 Dec 2017, 14:08
Cool, those extrapolations make sense to me and help get a better feel for the group.