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Title: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here. [WIP, Recent]
Post by: Tressith_Sefira on 16 Feb 2017, 21:50
[WIP] So you want to roleplay a Federation character! Here's some lore resources, both from the wiki and some widely used player fiction, that will help you get started. Pages marked with an *asterisk are recommended reads, for people who want to be able to start roleplaying quickly, without memorising endless backstage wiki pages and chronicles. Pages marked with a ~tilde are player fiction.

History of the Federation:
[Disclaimer: There are more member races of the Federation than the ones listed here. These are just Prime Fiction races.]


                Hueromont: (

Notable Figures
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here.
Post by: Tressith_Sefira on 16 Feb 2017, 21:50
Active Federation Channel list:

Federation OOC
     -Moderators: Aedre Lafisques, Tressith Sefira
     A Federation general out of character channel. Open to all.

Symposium New Eden
     -Moderators: Aedre Lafisques, Kolodi Ramal, Tressith Sefira
     A Federation general in character fluid router. Open to all.

Gallente Lounge
     -Moderators: James Syagrius, Aedre Lafisques
     A capsuleer lounge venue in Caille, on Crystal Boulevard, in the Aidonis Elabon Building. Open to any who can visit Federation space.
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here.
Post by: Tressith_Sefira on 16 Feb 2017, 21:51
Reserved for quick reference glossary.

Aidonis Elabon: A former president of the Gallente Federation; he is attributed with the creation of CONCORD, started peace talks between the Gallente and Caldari, and started the Aidonis Foundation.

Bonjour: A more formal greeting.

Caille: The unofficial cultural capital city of the ethnic Gallente and the Federation. Located on the planet of Gallentia.
Cevestis: A member of the Garoun Gallente moon pantheon; associated with justice.
Champagne: A bubbly alcoholic beverage which can only be produced on less than 20 temperate worlds in the Federation, which makes it an expensive luxury good. A notable producer is Feille d'Marnne from Egghelende III.

Des Ponticelles: A megapolis in the Federation, on the planet of Bourynes III. It has encountered problems in the past with large Minmatar immigration numbers.
District: A group of solar systems of various sizes. The governing level between member-states and the Federation itself.
Doule dos Rouvenor:

Egone: A headset or head ornament which projects music directly into the zones of the brain that govern hearing.
Excena Foer: The voice of Aura. A famous entertainer. A Mind Clash competitor.
ethnic Gallente: The "race" of peoples whose ancestral home was Gallentia; after hundreds and thousands of years of mingling, there is no true ethnic Gallente bloodline anymore. Their genetic diversity is considered "harmoniously mongrelised." As the ethnic Gallente are post-racial, any bloodline can claim to be ethnic Gallente and be recognised as such.

Franchise: A system for Federation member-states to delegate out various economic responsibilities to private entities. Largely used to encourage space enterprises.

Gallente: A catch-all term to describe all those who are citizens of the Gallente Federation; largely used by the Federation or other organisational bodies for ease. Not usually used by Federation citizens to describe themselves.
Gallentia: Gallente Prime; the home planet of the ethnic Gallente.
Garoun Gallente: A region and identity on Gallentia which traces its history back to the Garoun Empire; Caille is considered a Garoun Gallente city. Also, the language spoken primarily by Gallente member-states which were originally part of the Garoun Empire in pre-Federation days.

Hueromont: A major trade megapolis located on an island in an inactive volcano. The name literally translates to 'hollow mountain.' Was partially destroyed by Tovil Toba's carrier during the Hueromont incident, but has since been rebuilt. Divided into New Hueromont and Old Hueromont; a stratified, two-level city.

Intaki: A founding member-race of the Federation. Known for being artistically gifted and inclined towards peace. Also, the home system of the Intaki peoples.
Interstellar Gallente: The language of choice, largely, for Federal government matters, though all primary languages of every single member-state are Federation official. Riddled with dialects and accents. Only 20-40% of Federation citizens speak the interstellar Gallente Language. There are more speakers of interstellar Gallente outside of the Federation than in it.

Jen Yiona: The first Gallente president after the fall of the Ultra-Nationalist party and President Luc Duvalier. Enacted a series of powerful reforms which increased the power of all Federation member-states and decreased the power of ethnic Gallente member-states. Former mayor of Hueromont. Considered by some to be the mother of the modern Federation.
Jin-Mei: A recent member-race of the Gallente Federation; holds considerable power for their relatively small population inside of the Federation. Known for their rigid caste system.
Jin-Mei Civil War: An internal conflict on the planet of Tei-Su which was the primary employer of DUSTers in New Eden. Now in the process of peace talks.

Ladistier: The headquarters of the President of the Gallente Federation.
Libertopolis: i still cant believe its named this
Liberty Pill: A pill of nanobots that make their way to specific parts of the body, such as the lungs, where they instigate general hypoxia and eventually a painless death. Many Gallente frontier worlds or less-protected member-states keep a supply of Liberty Pills as a tool of last resort in case of Sansha incursions.
Luminaire Model: A structural and organisational style of governance, legal rights, and bureaucracies developed by the ethnic Gallente and the Caldari in the time leading up to the creation of the Federation. A popular export which has influenced contemporary interstellar society as well as the Minmatar Republic.
Lunaries: The Garoun Gallente moon pantheon.

Mannar: A founding member-race of the Federation; well known for preferring to walk around nude, with only body paints to cover their body. A martial people who have always been loyal to the Federation. Lost the ability to live on their homeworld after the extinction of a bug destroyed their ecosystem and left the place barren.
Megapolis: A special planetside city designation that is entitled to autonomy independent of the district and member-state it is enclaved by. Effectively city-states that wield enough economic and political influence to rival entire solar systems. Must adhere to special regulations to achieve this status.
Member-State: The basic unit of government in the Federation; most Federation citizens identify as citizens of their member-state first. Can include former Federation colonies, the homeworlds of smaller races. Tend to be smaller than planets, though recently the Federation has added member-states which claim whole solar systems. Member-states tend to be considered as sovereign or independent insofar as their levels of self-governance, though entities external to the Federation don't tend to treat them as such.
Mind Clash: A competitive sport which entails two players hooking into a neural interface and battling wills. Often damaging psychologically.
Morthane: A legacy government of Gallentia which stood as a rival to the historical Garoun Empire. Practiced slavery. Valued independence, non-interventionism, and hard military power.

Salut: An informal greeting.
Seventh Goddess: Umille: A goddess of the Garoun Gallente moon pantheon associated with family, relationships, and unity.
Stomeve River: A major river running through Caille. A strategic location in the pre-spacefaring Gallentia politics.

Tee-shirt: An article of clothing designed by the ethnic Gallente which has since been adopted across the cluster.
Tei-Su: The homeworld of the Jin-Mei.

Villore IV: The administrative capital of the Federation; the home of the Supreme Court and the Senate.
Voxam: A less notable member-state in the Sinq Laison region. The homeworld of the Vox.

Xuchang: A Jin-Mei member-state on the planet of Tei-Su holding considerable power. A neutral party where it concerns the Jin-Mei Civil War.
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here. [WIP, Recent]
Post by: Alain Colcer on 21 Feb 2017, 15:18
Absolutely wonderful! it had information i didnt know about, and i considered myself quite informed in gallente affairs.

Thank you very much!
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here. [WIP, Recent]
Post by: Syagrius on 21 Feb 2017, 17:06
Good work a useful guide.
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here. [WIP, Recent]
Post by: Elmund Egivand on 22 Feb 2017, 21:41
By the way, one of the Scope video released last year had a news ticker mentioning Egonics making an Egone computer, rather than a music player.

And yes. I will still snicker for every time I type the word 'Libertopolis'. I guess that's what happens if the naming of cities are left to politicians.
Title: Re: Roleplaying Gallente Federation? Start here. [WIP, Recent]
Post by: Rinai Vero on 23 Apr 2017, 00:51
This is great!