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Title: Divine Intervention
Post by: Louella Dougans on 05 Sep 2015, 07:00
Divine Intervention

As you know, there are many hundreds of thousands of Minmatar slaves working to provide essential services to the Empire, just as they have for centuries. Given their considerable natural physical abilities, they have always made up one of the most important and valuable ethnic groups within the vast Amarr slave workforce. One unavoidable consequence of this, however, is that we have had to invest a considerable amount of money, not only in the health and welfare of these slaves, but also to ensure their obedience.

One important aspect of this latter effort has been the establishment of Labor Reeducation Centers, or LRC's, which are designed to house some of the more problematic slaves in order to facilitate their eventual return to the workforce. In recent months, however, there has been a significant increase in violent disobedience at certain LRC's, with some of the more severe instances leading to near-riots.

Our immediate problem is that one of these facilities, LRC-12A, has been taken over during just such an uprising. The slaves have reportedly killed and injured dozens of our personnel and taken the remainder hostage. They are demanding the immediate release of their fellow slaves at a nearby Amarr mining operation, along with transportation to a destination of their choosing. We have, so far, managed to keep this incident quiet; if the Minmatar Republic leadership were to learn of this, it could very easily lead to much more severe consequences for both races. The only way to ensure this does not happen is through the immediate application of overwhelming force.

Therefore, we need you to deliver a large contingent of specially trained Riot Interdiction Teams to a nearby station, from which they will join up with other security elements for final transportation to LRC-12A. Will you assist us?

Bless the Empress – I am very glad to hear you've decided to help. The RIT personnel will meet you in the hangar bay shortly. Please feel free to take any of our religious literature with you for your enlightenment during the flight.

Good job, pilot. Please make all possible haste to the station as the other teams are waiting on you. The assault phase will begin after you deliver the RIT personnel and their equipment.

The teams have begun to embark on a small fleet of frigates and cruisers for LRC-12A. With this amount of men and lethal weaponry, there is no doubt that we shall prevail!

Mission briefing
There has been an uprising at one of our slave Labor Reeducation Centers, or LRCs, near a rather large ore mine. The slaves are almost wholly Minmatar, so we cannot afford to have this incident continue for even one more day. The longer it goes on, the greater the chances that some reporter or news agency will get wind of this and splash the story all over the region. Given that the Minmatar Republic may feel compelled to take action to aid their brethren, this can only lead to dire consequences. That, of course, is unacceptable. We do have a plan in place, however, that should end this uprising before it has a chance to truly take root. We need you to transport a large contingent of Riot Interdiction Team (RIT) personnel to a designated station. From there the assembled security teams will join up and embark a small fleet of frigates and cruisers to race to the prison, where they will use all necessary force to terminate this uprising before it gets completely out of control.

Amarr Labor Reeducation Centers (LRC)

The Amarr Empire, realizing many centuries ago that it could not simply work slaves to the point of death, instituted a number of improvements to worker conditions in an effort to prolong the usable lifespan of its slaves. These changes were not universal across the Empire, due in large part to the Empress's unwillingness to create what might have amounted to significant friction between slave -based companies. Therefore, these decisions were largely left to the Five Heirs and their subordinate regional offices. Thus, we can state here that history has shown a lack of consistent application of these worker improvement programs across the Empire. Those Amarr systems that have chosen to incorporate these adaptations have, however, consistently derived greater revenues due to these enhanced and ongoing pacification efforts.

These shortcomings led directly to the establishment of Labor Reeducation Centers (LRC). An LRC is designed much like a multilevel prison, with facilities for low, medium, and high risk inmates. The inmates are those slaves who consistently exhibit defiance or even outright hostility towards the managerial staff at the mine, construction site, or other location to which they are assigned as slave labor. Once we have identified these persons they are immediately removed from their job site and taken to the nearest LRC for corrective behavioral conditioning. This conditioning can include a wide variety of attitude modification methodologies, from intensive drug assisted counseling, to religious indoctrination, and from advanced torture techniques and a concurrent system of rewards - the so-called “carrot and stick approach” - and any number of programs in between. In this way, we break the individual slave's will so that he may be returned to the workforce as a docile and useful component in the labor pool.

Riot Interdiction Teams, or RITs, are the primary Amarrian response forces for incidents involving slave riots and uprisings. These forces are equipped with the latest generations of body armor, stun sticks, flash-bang grenades, and other less-lethal technologies. In those cases where less-lethal force is insufficient, the teams are fully trained and equipped to use lethal force to resolve any such threat. For example, the RITs are often called in to resolve hostage situations in which one or more of the captives has been killed, thus eliminating the need for a phased operation and then transitioning to lethal force contingency operations (i.e., shoot to kill). Therefore, it is of little surprise that they are among the most highly trained Amarr ground forces in hostage rescue operations, and are sometimes called on to act in situations unrelated to slave-based scenarios.

A huge amount of text for a L1 storyline courier mission.
Title: Re: Divine Intervention
Post by: Mathra Hiede on 06 Sep 2015, 16:27
Awesome PF dump though, very cool
Title: Re: Divine Intervention
Post by: Alain Colcer on 06 Sep 2015, 20:22
its interesting that Level 1 missions have more info than the higher level ones
Title: Re: Divine Intervention
Post by: Elmund Egivand on 23 Sep 2015, 01:40
I should mission more often to enrich my experience in the New Eden cluster.
Title: Re: Divine Intervention
Post by: Gaven Lok ri on 02 Nov 2015, 18:16
Nice find.

its interesting that Level 1 missions have more info than the higher level ones

It makes sense from a design point of view. Presumably players of level 1 missions are new to the world.