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Title: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Kador Ouryon on 02 Mar 2015, 17:55
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Undetermined

Race: Udorian

Age: 28

Height: 6'4 [not sure what is an appropriate height in New Eden]

Physical Appearance: Kador is more of less a generic specimen of Udorian descent within the empire having short well kept black hair, green eyes, deeply sunbronzed skin having spent many years on desert worlds.

Callsign: True Adamance, Truest Adamance

Status: Active Classiarii of Praetoria Imperialis Excubatoris, Current Heir to the destitute Ouryon Branch Family in service to House Tash-Murkon.

Combat Role: Kador is a veteran of armoured warfare and is a very capable Heavy Assault Vehicle Operator. He is also proficient to varying degrees with several of the armaments available to Amarr aligned mercenaries more notably the Laser Rifle. Given his particular build and role in most battles Kador lacks any real skill or grace in close quarters combat beyond his physical build which even in a non combat clone is sturdy.

[before proceeding this is currently under work by myself and pending feed back from you all, over the course of two years I've had to do several rewrites which has for the most part been very minor . Hopefully posting this will yield a final and definitive lore for Kador.]


Kador is legally the current heir of the destitute Ouryon household, a long distant relative of several more respectable retainers serving the Tash-Murkon Family, and the successor to what was formerly a respectable military bloodline tracing its roots back into Udorian antiquity.

At one point the Ouryon household was landed nobility however this is no longer the case, bitter internal power struggles and the intervention of rivals better versed in Amarrian politics saw to the eventual decline of the main household, the three potential heirs lost to a political machination that devastated their holdings.
The Ouryon name was lost to the Empire for nearly a century as surviving female descendent carried on the bloodline relegated to poor marriages and having their lands stripped from them by more powerful entities.
Aptly considered the second true Matriach and founder of the Household it was Kaniya Ouryon that re-established the Ouryon name within the courts of Tash-Murkon having begged the then Tash-Murkon heir to grant her the favour of a marriage to a younger heir. 
At her mature age of 71 it was considered wholly impossible for the successful breeding of the line, and in breach of the Household’s traditionally conservative values Kaniya opted for multiple surrogate births, carrying on the line as was her duty providing two daughters and a son.

Several generations passed and the Ouryon had re-established themselves as a noble bloodline, marrying into several other noble families and drawing upon their influence and rank until the time of Oussurian, Kador's grandfather.
In  a match made by Oussurian Ouryon, a retired and decorated Imperial Navy Captain with a legacy of military service, he promised to wed his son to the daughter of a more powerful family, and thus Eaderan II Ouryon married Anythia Vas' Urdan.
Possessed a sound and cunning political mind Eaderan accepted the engagement in order to accelerate the growth of his family and on the passing of his Father in the subsequent year of his marriage under what some would consider questionable circumstances Eaderan ascended to the head of the Family.
While having nothing to do with his Father’s murder he was the sole benefactor of the political shift, so much so that a Speaker of Truth was called in to determine his innocence.

Eaderan however was much more of the less of a traditionalist and showed a great disdain for the values of his father and the Ouryon household, resenting his marriage to a woman of greater Udorian lineage believing it was a step backwards.
Even amongst the court’s of Tash-Murkon it was whispered in hushed tones that Eaderan despised his wife and for all her loving gestures and had not gotten her with child in the three years since his ascension to Retainership. Shamed one night before his peers Eaderan took Anythia, by what any other soul would consider beyond acceptable bounds, and got her with child.
 Regardless Anythia considered it an honour to bear a son of Ouryon blood being raised to respect the prestige of the old Udorian Families.
Returning to his duties as retainer Eaderan set about a series of political moves to eliminate his rivals amongst the lesser households. Amongst these concerns he began negotiating with allied parties the details of matches made in future for his unborn child, one he fervently hoped was to be a boy, with the intent to breed out the impurities, as he considered them, of the Udorian blood.

It was at during a particular event during which time he was tasked to represent the Tash-Murkon that Anythia went into labour. Given the sensitive nature of Eaderan’s position he chose to forsake Anythia and the birth of his son to attend the Summit on the planet below. The Birth of his son was mercifully short some four hours of labour.
With the opening Keynote speeches made by the Household representatives Eaderan returned to his wife and son, now housed in the maternity suites of the Summit’s medical facilities and to his great joy revel in the birth of a son. Perhaps the only time he showed a paternal side was on that very evening of his son’s birth.
He named his son after the Kador family [with their permission?] his intent to leave a legacy that would pursue greater heights of power in a manner emulating True Amarr Families.

With this victory under his belt Eaderan turned his attentions to leaving a legacy for his son and spent much of his time at court purchasing a small vineyard in the Tash Murkon system of Marthia where Kador, newly named, would be able to have his lessons taught with the intent of passing on to the Hedion University.
He spent 15 years on that vineyard with his mother and servants and derived a great deal of influence from her. She praised him every day for his Udorian blood, his natural supremacy as a member of the Amarr people, and the divinity of his birth as one of God’s truly chosen souls. As one might expect Kador grew to be a confident and arrogant specimen of Amarr, highly devout with an air of authority much like his Father however he derived more pleasure studying the arts and cultures as well as history and war, more so than he did political posturing.

When Kador turned 16 Eaderan had taken an earnest interest in his son, noting with some concern how his son preferred the pontificating of the clergy and the rigid disciplines of the military rather than the political intrigues of the courts. He returned to their home on Marthia and began a campaign dedicated to the indoctrination of his son in the arts of Amarrian politics, and despite Anythia’s protests pushed the talks of marriage for his son.
Within the year Kador was shipped off to the Marthia Royal Amarrian Institute after his application to the Hedion University was denied as a result of over application by those of higher birth. Much chagrined his Father finally relented and allowed Kador to study as he pleased as long as he combined his studies with those of Modern Politics.
Kador spent the following 5 years studying at the Marthia Institute graduating after his 21st birthday with diploma’s in Modern Amarrian Politcal Studies, Theological Studies, and Pre and Post Modern Amarrian History.

By his 22nd Birthday he was already position within the regional Theological Offices as 2nd Clerk to the head of Theological Materials Distrubution offices. Instructed by Eaderan to see if the 5 years spent attending the Marthia Institute was worth the financial investments Kador usurped the position of 1st Clerk by discrediting his direct  superior. The taste of such an act left him sickened and he returned to the Courts of Tash-Murkon at his father’s request after 2 years of holding that position so as to become versed in Kador’s own political sphere and to meet his fiancé, selected before his birth and of purest Amarrian stock.

Around this time was the first account of Kador’s confrontations with Eaderan about his Father’s ideals regarding bloodlines, his political aspirations, and of course the status of the family and his mother’s re-integration with her relatives in Tash-Murkon family . Despite this Eaderan was adamant that his son would d as he was told and commit himself to the prosperity of the House by marrying.

Ardentia was but a girl nearly 7 years Kador’s junior, the young Ouryon having graduated that year aged 24 , born of a lesser noble house and aligned...or dominated by Eaderan’s amassed influence, and a prime match his father told him to breed out the filthy Udorian blood he held.
The pair were despatched to one of Ardentia’s House’s many estates in Bhihezba to court for a time before the marriage, during that time Kador found himself responding to the girls advances and a strange affection between then eventually built up with the pair attending nearly every social event together in some way.
It was around this time that Anythia began taking on more and more out of system business transactions for the Tash-Murkon Family, something her husband did not care for...but did not attempt to stop. Ardentia took ill and retired from the public eye, as such rumours flew that the Ouryon scion had gotten her with child, though the official statements of the two houses and local clergy suggested otherwise.
Eaderan was at this point furious and pushed for the wedding to come forward. However the Ouryon Family was to suffer a significant blow as Anythia and the Tash-Murkon envoy to Republic Space died tragically of illness waiting for triage and a doctor in one of the regions underfunded and comparatively ill equipped medical facilities.

Eaderan saw this as an opportunity taking the appearance of a mourning husband he used the events political repercussion to drive forwards his Sons wedding as well as the chance to approach another a True Amarr family within the Kador Family's courts with the intent to take a new wife. His interactions with his son had been less than positive in the last few years and as such he was considering the necessity of siring a new heir if actions did not go his way.
When news of his mother’s death reached him he and Ardentia had been attending and overseeing the preparations for their wedding. In his grief Ardentia was able to console him. In the end Kador decided to declare for the Tash-Murkon Family, against his father’s explicit instructions accepting his Udorian roots and enlisting in the Household Guard as a liaison to the theological offices in one of many Survey Companies.

In the wake of this announcement Ardentia’s family rescinded their offer of marriage, much to Kador’s disappointment, they would not have their daughter marry into a disgraced Household. Eaderan was furious denouncing his son publicly posturing as a grief stricken man with nothing left. As much as this was a political set back for him it was also his opportunity to sire the "True Born Amarrian" son he desired to weed out his own genetic inadequacies.

Aged 24 Kador was assigned to the 23rd Household Guard Regiment under the command of Yurius Trsis, a former Brutor Naval Officer with a penchant for turning young me into soldiers.  Upon meeting Kador he promptly beat and humiliated the former Ouryon Heir stripping him of the name his Father gave him for the duration of their training.

Kador spent three years serving with the Household guard, two in training andone1 on deployment. At the end of his second year Yurius took Kador and nine other squadmates aside and presented them to the next generation of recruits to display them to fresh recruits as real soldiers.
Kador had never been so proud of himself at that moment, it was his honour at that point to fully accept the Udorian blood in him and serve with the Guard.
During his year on deployment Kador served with his Company on several deployments across the warzone both alongside fellow mortal soldiers supplied by various Heir Households as well as the growing numbers of Immortal Templar units the Amarr were slowly cycling into rotation.

His crucible however came upon his deployment to Ammamake where upon his and several other platoons were set upon by Minmatar district security personell. The various mortal regiments spent  twelve days planet side engaged in bitter trench warfare against the aggressors with the few surviving soldiers barely able to be folded together into a single regiment.
In the wake of this defeat the remaining functional survivors were offered the opportunity to serve as Templar’s, part of a control group to test a specific kind of psychological condition, with all the duties and status that role entailed.
Shocked by the loss of most of his Company Kador meekly accepted the offer, greatly vexed at his apparent survival. He spent much of his time in silent prayer and in the gymnasiums as the instructors refined and developed his already large build and muscular stature into what was required, however he did so without any direction until his transferral of consciousness.
Immediately Kador felt a great sense of loss at what being a Templar entailed. To him it seems as though he had lost his humanity and sunk into a depression and was transferred to a forward base on Iesa III for further instruction in Templar doctrine and tactics.

It was on Iesa III he met three individuals that would shape his life. The first presented himself in the form of a man of the clergy, Reverance Camden, another was and elder engineer who determined Kador’s talent with heavy combat units as well as vehicle maintenance and shifted his attentions to the Armoured Brigades.
Finally was the Slave Satja, at the time a Reclaimed slave taken by slavers and appropriated by the Imperial authorities as unregistered contraband. She came as one of some two hundred and fifty slaves contained within the base to see to its daily needs and served the Templar’s during the evening prayer sessions. She was perhaps the first real interaction between the newly Immortal Kador and his mortal peers.....although of much lesser rank.

 In his interactions with the Matari on Ammamake and with the young woman slave he found much of his hatred for the Minmatar tempered and resolved that his duties would have to encompass the spiritual well being of all peoples in New Eden.
As a result Kador was able to overcome the initial challenges of Immortality.

 This period of his life would last all of nine months before raids against the planets current Matari inhabitants by Blood Raiders became an increasing worry for the bases leadership. In response the Templar units were dispatched to engage and destroy any and all planetside Raider hunting parties. The campaign was started when a number of Templar units were dispatched to abandoned Minmatar garrisons.
This however was playing right into the Raider’s hands. With the Templar units attempting to engage a splinter force the main Raider assault was launched at the Amarrian facility.
The splinter force was entirely composed to revelling Blood Raiders driven into a frenzy by the despicable and orgiastic rituals they were enacting as well as several Marauder class vehicles. The Amarrian regiments suffered heavy casualties against them but were able to limp back to the beleaguered facility where they fought bitterly to relieve the garrison before being forces off world.
As civilian shuttles were evacuating Blood Raider artillery unleashed several barrages felling the fleeing vessels. With luck it was Kador’s armoured company fighting the in the rear guard that was able to respond to the downed vessels where several personnel were able to be recovered including  Satja who had sustained significant burns and shrapnel damage to her right shoulder and arm.

Once again Kador understood the loss of his comrades however his time in mourning was cut short as the remaining Templar units were assigned their details. As all his comrades were in celebration of his survival, and ascension to Templar status the newly officiated immortals were able to select a slave of their own from the surviving servants.
Unlike many of the other Templar’s who selected the older and more physically developed slaves Kador chose to take on Satja as his own as now for the kindness she had once shown him, as her wounds would have relegated her to nothing more than the lowest or basest of duties.

 Kador was then folded into Ametat Security services where his application of join the Praetoria Imperialis Excubatoris Pro Amarr Alliance was accepted. He served through the 1st generation Templar Manhunts where he and fellow capsuleer Soren Tyrhannos hunted down and destroyed a cell of former Templars given over to Sani Sabik depredations.
When PIE Inc declared their intentions to found a fully autonomous ground divison Kador was one of the first few who gave the Templars Oath to become a member of the Praetoriani Classiarii Templares.

In more recent months Kador had taken leave from active combat duties  choosing to spend much of his time on small security operations and on personal errands which have led him both back to the Bleak Lands and even out to Tenal.
Since that time Kador has returned to the Praetoriani for further deployments to the Devoid and Bleak Lands regions as he fears that any aggressive actions against his father, and though bearing no ill will against his mother in law and half brother, may one day lead to conflict.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Kador Ouryon on 02 Mar 2015, 18:24
I'm looking for some specific feed back on this backstory

- Is it interesting and world appropriate (point out the short comings)
- Am I name dropping, God Modding, etc
- Cliché? Too Complex? Not complex or mature enough?

Also for reference the core premise of this character is one of a pilgrim, basically a character that has not for all intents and purposes come to the end of his spiritual path and while he has unshakable faith in God, he lacks faith in himself.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Rin Valador on 03 Mar 2015, 20:05
I love it! Only part were the story sort of lost me and I had to take extra work in my mind to make sure I understood everything I am reading was the events after Kador met Ardentia and before he joined the 23rd.

I know it's not too helpful when I put it this way but when I got to that part I could feel my mind wandering away from what I was reading. I couldn't keep the story cohesively in my mind with one reading in that part and had to try really hard to keep that bit in memory.

I hope I can interact with you in character one day. I really do love my little ground pounders!
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Kador Ouryon on 04 Mar 2015, 13:51
Thank you very much for the feed back. I'll look into making that section more readable. I may or may not be wrong in the assumption that marriage is a powerful political tool in the Empire.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Rin Valador on 04 Mar 2015, 17:52
Given what the Empire is based off of I am pretty sure it is. Sami would know these things better than I :oops:

Anywho going to state it again. I love the story! Alot of detail to munch on.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Kador Ouryon on 04 Mar 2015, 18:06
I also had to shorten the story itself basically to weed out all of the current stuff [as the given plot ends when Kador became an immortal] also cut some personal content, and the plot relevant information about the Ouryon Family including the family tree itself.

Once I've done some editing to make it more readable I might have to put it into a readable format to finalise it.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Lyn Farel on 05 Mar 2015, 04:19
Marriage is fundamental, as it would be expected from such a society. There is an extensive bit on that in the Amarr epic arc.

Well, at least for Holders. For commoners, that's probably a lot more diverse and less codified.
Title: Re: [Character] Kador Ouryon
Post by: Denak Kalamari on 07 Mar 2015, 07:42
Lovely work as always. It's always a pleasure to read more of Kador!